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Help center pages for Heroes could use some help

First, rather than having embedded images, I see images that are just the file names of the images that should be there.

Second, there’s this bit: " if you’re using the Titan class, your Hero will be counted as a Giant." but it doesn’t say where you can find this information. Maybe it’s shown in one of the missing images?

Thanks for pointing that out! Can you please let me know which images have the “file names” rather than embedded images? (screenshots are great, or just where they are located in the article) This sometimes happens when a support agent moves around the image rather than re-adding it via the editor.

Everything after skill points is missing the images


Thanks Maxx! We’ll sort this out.

Regarding the second point @Trillinity, that’s a tricky one, there’s no information in-game showing the type of troop your Hero will be counted as, except for in the Quests to unlock the Class the assisting troop will usually sometimes say “I’ll teach you how to fight like a…”. Perhaps we could add this into a separate article?

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Images should be fixed now