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Help building a PVP team!

Hey Guys.

I want help building a good team to push PVP, and do decent on raids, guild wars and rescues.

I am quite new to the game and only have a small collection and not many traitstones.
I do not want to spend my traitstones without being 100% sure that they are spend on a good “endgame” team.

My current team is:

  • Gargoyle
  • Stormsinger
  • Taloca
  • Thingamabob
    (no traits)

I think I have all the mana generators except the green seer.

Here is my collection:


And please suggest teams with a hero class/weapon, as I am not interested in playing without the hero.

Thanks in advance.

King Bloodhammer
King Highforge

Use a banner to get Gorgotha up as fast as possible then when doomhammer is up cast the stormsinger for blue alignment then spam the player with doomskulls!