Help build an up-and-coming guild! Elushae is recruiting! (20+ slots available)

Elushae is a relaxed, casual guild which has achieved Champion I with just a few active members. This is a guild built from just a few real-life friends, now looking to expand and open up to other people. Our most active members always hit rank 1 in pvp and we all chip in a little here and there, but with so few members it’s difficult to make progress. That’s where you come in!

We’re looking for some more folks to contribute trophies, seals, and (when you’ve finished with your kingdoms, of course), gold. We’re all active players if we’re hanging out on the forums, yeah? Check in daily, help us get our tasks completed, and be there as we climb the ranks even further. Contribute to making something bigger and better! We’re not there yet, but with your help, we will be. :slight_smile:

PM or reply with your invite code, and we’ll get you on board!