Hello my name is Taisia and I am addicted to GoW

I can’t play… system down… what am I to do…

Oh poor me…


Come chat on Discord?


Hi, my name is DJPulse and I too am addicted to GoW.

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Ya but Salty - can’t match pretty gems… watch the pretties

Hello Taisia. Hello DJPulse. You are welcome to share your stories with the group.

Well, I saw this game in the PS4 store while ESO was down for maintenance. I downloaded it and tried it. Being a long time Candy Crush and Rage of Bahamut player on my phone, this was like a combination of those with a better twist. I then checked to see if it was available on my phone. Once I found it, I literally have NOT turned my PS4 on since. This was exactly a week ago. I’ve played AT LEAST 4 hours a day since. This is my new crack. Even got my wife playing now. Thank you for making a great game!


If only I could get my wife to play, then she wouldn’t give me so much grief about spending all my free time on it.

Then again, both of us neglecting the kids isn’t the smartest thing to be doing …


ive been off my xbox for a year… why bother when i can watch netflix and play gow :slight_smile:

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i got my 2 kids, sister, and neice playing… does that make a crack dealer?


Nope, you’re pushing gems… gems my good person…gems… :slight_smile: My precious pretty gems…


you’re definitely well on the way to becoming a gem dealer …