Hello guyz ..... I WANT TO JOIN A GUILD

I need help to join a guild can some one help me out… my id : SKULL CRUSHER (743)
Thanks & Regards,

A bit of information would help people. Are you on PC/Mobile, Xbox or PS4? How much gold, seals and trophies do you normally do a week? Do you participate in guild events?

As well as the advice Maxx has provided above, you can also check out the guild subforum, where guild leaders post looking for additional members. They also list requirements (e.g. weekly gold, seals, trophies, etc) so you can get an idea of which guilds might be a good fit for you.


I am on mobile: GOLD : 700000

The scubadivers are recruiting so if interested let us know by sending your invitecode.
Requirements are: gold 15000 (but that is a target set so the lower ranked players could make it too) Seals 1000, trophies 60. And also taking part in the weekly events without a must to buy more sigils.
So if interested now you know all this just send a message :vulcan_salute:

my invitation code: RAS(-)!D_SNNJ