Hello everybody. Is the “Backup” talent still at 35% summon chance? Discuss

Just been wondering this recently.

“Feels” more like the original 50% of late.

I don’t have a crapload of data to back this up though, maybe RNG hates me :laughing:

Actually i feel the same, last and this week is horrible

The title and text of this thread seems very familiar to me… :wink:

It’s actually worse than it was when 50% was a problem. Now it feels that it’s 75%, maybe even more.

I was going to say the same, feels like around 75%.

I’ve noticed it as well these last couple weeks. Definitely seems to be back at pre-nerf levels.

We’ll never get an official answer, instead I’ll just repeat what I need to set up so I can copy/paste in any one of these threads:

  • It takes a lot of data to prove a % is off, but there are more ways to be “off” than raw statistics.
  • A long time ago, TDS had a 50% resurrection chance and players insisted it procced more often than 50%.
    • Technically it was the wrong trait, but they didn’t have time to make its real third trait. It stayed this way for something like a year, it’s hard to find the time to write one trait.
  • Devs insisted the players needed to stop spending money on booze and spend that money on gems instead because the RNG was fine.
  • A player with a very good basis in stats performed a very detailed analysis and concluded:
    • If you look at proc rate in aggregate, it procced at 50%.
    • If you inspected it via statistical analysis designed to detect streak biases, the trait was far more likely to trigger 0 or 3 times than an unbiased RNG would suggest.
    • TL;DR: TDS was proccing more per match than it should and making up for it by “not proccing” more to disguise it. A probability fairy. Or, in layman’s terms, “a sign the RNG has bias”.
  • The devs suddenly found time to implement the “correct” trait and applied it to TDS, because that’s not suspicious.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I saw this reply from your goodself :smile: