Hellfire & Brimstone Guild Looking for all levels to join us

Hi i’m posting on behalf of a new week old Guild Hellfire & Brimstone.

The Guild as 18 members the players levels go from 1,130…1,005…957…532…459…446 down to a very new player at level 7.The Guild is Level 28 and is ranked at the moment at 1,262.

The Tasks Blue & Purple are finished…Red is nearly at 9…Green 7…Yellow 7 and Brown 7

All that is asked is 35,000 gold until you max out your Kingdoms…800 Seals…30 Trophies but as you can see the sky is the limit what you put in,just being fair to new low level players.If your interested in joining us please send your invite code to PSN Sir-Waylander Thanks for taking the time to read this post

Guild update we now have 22 members the Guild Level is 29 are we are Ranked 1,153,also kicking arse in Guild Wars lol.

Hellfire & Brimstone is made up of players from the old Guild Diamonds & Pearls

PSN Sir-Waylander if you wish to join a fast growing new Guild