Hellcrag & Vulpacea

Not sure if the info are already discussed. But when does Switch player will have both kingdom?

The release of those kingdoms was tied to specific times within specific campaigns. Switch is a couple of campaigns behind the other platforms, so they get the new kingdoms slower as well.

Looking at the Taransworld spoiler pages for Switch? I believe Hellcrag is part of your upcoming campaign that starts after your current one ends.

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Yeah, Switch is approximately nine months later on the ‘content’ release schedule (kingdoms, campaigns, etc) and usually one month later on software updates (though some updates, like 6.8, do release simultaneously).

The bright side? Look at all the day-one bug reports with Vulpacea and be glad most of them should be long fixed by the time it hits Switch.

noted. just cant wait to play around with geomancer :slight_smile: