Well hello there.

For now about 2 month my friend and I started this guild.
It is really hard to rank up without any help and at any point of the game it is really lonely sometimes.

A few informations for you guys:

Our level is 6 ( 2/15 Member)
Currently we are at rank 1814 with 2644Trophies.
Our Shield is completly black with a pink flower
There are no requirements, no minimum level/gold per week/trophies per week
Boni: 42 and 23

Hey there DNLDTMP,

Unfortunately we had a few complaints about your guild name…
From your OP, it sounds like you wouldn’t mind it being changed, so for the moment I’ve renamed it to “Trump Towers”.
If you would like a different name, let us know at https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and we’ll fix that up for you


HOw many members do you have?

Trump towers, that’s awesome.


@RikusKZK ATM we are just 2 guys. Its hard to find guild members with my name

You can join us, pustelnia! We are looking for active players in a guild of a very friendly multicultural group of people.

+40/41 to all masteries, currently rank 58.

Prefer a mature person, only requesting that you are active within the guild (no donation/trophy quota will ever be in place). I would prefer you save your gold to increase kingdom levels as a priority.