Heavens Gate, Rank 8


Seeking one member after gw on reset. Current reqs are 1M gold, 1500 seals, and event participation. We’re bracket 1 in gw, and complete all rewards in raid, invasion, and doom. 40k seals every week, pet notifications; very well balanced and communicative group. Send me a message on xbox at “tedforever” if interested. Happy gemming, and happy Thanksgiving.


Gauging interest in another spot to open soon. Please message me on xbox at “tedforever” for quickest response. Reqs just above.


Currently full, but down to only 1 on our wait list. All of the usual suspects, including LT’s, 40k seals, raid/ invasion/ doom completion, bracket 1 GW, all in a balanced and communicative group of veterans. Always willing to chat in party when I’m on, send a message to us on xbox at GT “tedforever”. Happy Gemming.