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Heavens Gate, Rank 8

Seeking one member after gw on reset. Current reqs are 1M gold, 1500 seals, and event participation. We’re bracket 1 in gw, and complete all rewards in raid, invasion, and doom. 40k seals every week, pet notifications; very well balanced and communicative group. Send me a message on xbox at “tedforever” if interested. Happy gemming, and happy Thanksgiving.

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Gauging interest in another spot to open soon. Please message me on xbox at “tedforever” for quickest response. Reqs just above.

Currently full, but down to only 1 on our wait list. All of the usual suspects, including LT’s, 40k seals, raid/ invasion/ doom completion, bracket 1 GW, all in a balanced and communicative group of veterans. Always willing to chat in party when I’m on, send a message to us on xbox at GT “tedforever”. Happy Gemming.