Heart of Rage?

hi guys;
Does it drop using the normal vault key ?
Or can I just have it if we get an elite pass ?


Only the pass currently. Will be available in vaults I believe later on.


it doesnt drop yet, as the current campaign is still running. Heart of Rage, shadow of Kurandara, Kurandara will be avaible for freepass players after the camapaign. (but nobody knows what “AFTER” means to be precise), only thing that is 100% sure, is that, none of these troops can be dropped at least until end of this week.

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2 of the 3 that you mention have a specific timeframe.

  • Shade of Kurandara & Kurandara – These troops will start appearing in chests 3-4 weeks after the Campaign ends
  • Heart of Rage – This troop will not be going into chests, however players will have a chance to earn him from defeating Cedric Sparklesack in the Vault after the Campaign ends.

i also been told. it gets used if you make the raged mythic. so no clue if you can stack the weapon or you should save up VKs to get it back right away.

could be, it will be patched later where it dont.

This of course means 4* weeks, assuming it has been coded correctly.

Really wish the devs would drop the “3-4 weeks” nonsense that they still keep stating and just say 4 :pray:

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I haven’t been keeping track, but do you have the answer to this question?
Mistralus was released Friday 3 April.
Was it available in chests Monday reset 27 April? (3 wk 3 days after release)
Or was it Monday reset 4 May? i.e. 4th weekly resets after the end of 7-day exclusive period
Or was it Monday reset 11 May? i.e. 4th weekly reset after the “reset” that closes the 7 day period?
Or was it Friday 1 May or Friday 8 May? - literally 3 weeks or 4 weeks from the end of the 7 day period?

If it is any of the Friday-Monday crossovers, and it’s some 3.x weeks, then 3-4 weeks as a timeframe is pretty accurate depending on your understanding of the terminology and where you started counting from.

No idea. I wasn’t critising your quote btw, just know that in general that the “3-4 weeks” thing that they have been repeating for years isn’t true.

Nah I didn’t think it was a criticism.
But I’m a sucker for information, so I thought someone might know the exact mechanics, and how consistent that is.
There are so many options for interpreting “4 weeks” (if stated as such), that perhaps a range is better suited.

Heart of Rage? It is indeed lost when you use it for a Soulforge recipe, but it’s a troop not a weapon.