Heads up - Flammifer's in the Forge

For players who don’t know this - Flammifer, Yao Gui, Queen Titania, Tai Pan (or Leprechaun) is one of the best teams out there. Flammifer is a key ingredient and if you don’t have it I highly recommend forging it this week.
I have spent the last however many weeks grinding ALL my classes to level 100, which I achieved yesterday (yay me) and here’s a few tips for doing it the fast way.
1: Do 1t casual pvp. You get 2 class xp points and less downtime between games than ranked. Also you can quickly re-roll. I generally averaged 3 games a minute.
2. Use the class for your adventure board and delve farming.
3. The Flammifer team above is very fast if you have 50% mana start (I prefer to use Lep)
THANK YOU Devs for Lep - I couldn’t have done it without him :grin:
4. If it is a class without 50% I found this team to be by far the fastest
NB Possessed is not really to be used but is there for explosions to refill Yao.

It takes 5050 class XP points to level a class from zero to hero !


5050xp/2xp per battle = 2525 battles. 2525battles/3 per minute= 842minutes=14 hours.
So take a day off and you can completely level one class :stuck_out_tongue: