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Your second model wasn’t there when I wrote my post.

My comment was on the current poison model.

Your second idea is more creative, yes - but I don’t think we need even more randomness.

I’ve always liked the idea of poison stacking, as @turintuor raises.

You can keep the 50% to do nothing if you want :wink: .

So it should be funnier to have a +5 poison which does 50% 0 life damage or 50% 5 life damage :slight_smile: .

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Although I really like Carmella artwork, I feel like she doesn’t look much like an undead/vampire. Her fang is quite too small to be noticed, and while her hand/fingernail is quite scary, it’s also appear to be just a glove.

So while I find the ancient vampire lineage back story to be so interesting, I prefer to think she is just Gothic human princess who like to cosplay. :rofl:

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I try to think that she is half human/vampire, and that she got a little more of the human look.

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I love her art, shame I won’t use her at all other than this week’s raid event


My suggestion to how poison should work:
50% chance to lose 1/8th of max life each turn.

The game already tracks a troops max life value for healing mechanics. This system allows for poison to scale with stats and for poisoned troops to actually be hindered. Pokemon style.

That’s the depressing thing I find with most if not all the new Invasion/Raids Epic troops. So many of them has top notch art work, yet a very limited usage. I wish they planned that the troops was useful outside these events too.


It would scale with the stats of your opponent, which feels quite the wrong way around. It’s you who should be putting in effort to make your troops stronger, not the other players.

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As with any kind of illness, it is as powerful as the victim. A common cold can put children in bed as well as full grown men.

I think they should make these troops work on hero too. So they will at least get some use after 1 week.

at least another race.

Powerful enough victims seem to have developed an immunity to weak illnesses though. Going by your real-life logic, Poison should only work on troops of lower level than the poisoning one.

It has nothing to do with real life. It has to be with the concept of illness. An illness will look stronger if afecting a stronger character. I think you’re trying to not get it. It is just my view. And in my view poison should work like this, scalling with the troop it affects. Regular spell damage is what scalles with the troop who cast it.

No, it shouldn’t. The game needs incentives to make you upgrade your own troops, not punish you by making them weaker to special effects whenever you do upgrade them. Stacking poison is okay, poison strength based on the troop applying it is okay, fully upgraded Mythic troops keeling over due to a level one Sand Cobra spitting at them is a design mistake best avoided.

I took a moment and thought about real life for me, and how everyone says that I look good or healthy, but I’m almost as sick as they come on the cellular level. You can say that I take one point of True Damage at the start of each turn. :upside_down_face:

Btw, that Carmella troop… when I hear that name, I’m thinkin’ “ricott’ pie.” :slightly_smiling_face:

and here is what I think of hearing the name Carmella. I bought 4 liter of ice cream because of this troop…


And what I think of.

so this is sort of unrelated, but I think it would be interesting if all natural mythics got a 3rd subtype with Boss. Boss killers would actually have some decent use for certain things and things like the Divine Mythic Meta would be slowed down.


That would be an interesting thing to implement. Or maybe hero count as boss too?


I prefer the idea of hero as boss to a “mythic-slayer” troop/trait.

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