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Head in the Clouds

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/head-in-the-clouds/

New Raid Boss Troop: Carmella

Carmella’s lineage is different to that of many of the Ghulvanian vampires who descended from Draakulis. There was once a time, when Khetar was still a young kingdom, before Draakulis had even been born, when much of the Aidanian Peninsula was ruled by a creature named Sinndshyra. Whether she was a vampire or a daemon lord, or some strange elder god is unclear, but she was Draakulis’ sire AND also the sire of Carmella’s forefathers. Many powerful Vampire Lords, including Lady Sapphira, trace their lineage back to Sinndshyra this way - collectively they are known as the Thanatari.

In Lady Carmella’s case, although he ancestors only had a small measure of power in comparison to Draakulis, they have held dominion over a small province on the northern borders of Ghulvania for many many centuries, and have fiercely protected the kingdom.

Carmella will be available in the Raid Boss Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Ultra Rare Troop: Vargouille

While the Nosferatu are known as the Children of Draakulis, the Vargouille are often referred to as the Draakulis’ Blood.

In the great Battle of the Ghul, when the Avatar of Gard fought Draakulis, and cut him from shoulder to hip, they say that where blood splashed from Draakulis’ body and fell to the ground, Vargouille sprang up, mobbed the Avatar, and saved their master.

Whether that’s truth or myth, one thing is certain, the Vargouille is an extremely dangerous creature. Their bite can infect and subtly transform the victim into another Vargouille; at sunset, 3 days after they are bitten, they will sprout wings from their head, then it will tear itself from the body and fly away. The folk of Ghulvania are terrified of them, and rightly so!

The Vargouille will be available for 300 Glory in the Rewards tab of the Shop, will be in Event Chests this week, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Weapon: Wall of Oblivion

The Wall of Oblivion is a relic of the ancient Battle of the Ghul. Draakulis took it into battle, and it’s said when his foes struck the shield, necrotic magic radiated forth marking his enemies for certain death (10% of the time, anyway).

This week it will be available in both the Raid Boss shop, and in the Soulforge.

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First! Looks great. We could use some more Divine Slayers. I am a mite surprised Varg isn’t a Monster type as well.

Carmella and Oblivion… Entirely forgettable, I’d say.

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That’s a good start but not sure it will be strong and quick enough

Crimson bat is divine slayer also but way too slow to be useful so i guess it will be same for this one

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Sinndshyra, now i want this troop as a Mythic and new vampire kingdom.!


This hero weapon is interesting, let’s hope other troop are not immune to death mark


still no match for mang


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Carmella has to be one of the worst Raid troops ever, right?

Gain 6 life on cast, which won’t protect it against ZG or any OP minion. Gain 4 Life if an enemy dies trait, which won’t save her from ZG and may/may not save her from OP minions.

Poison, Disease, Death Mark may come up? … or it could be the Freeze ZG troop type, who knows.

The next one is uh… worse, but… that’s next time right?

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Yeah this Raid Troop is a real dud :confused:

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“Head in the Clouds”?! Is this a reference to Altered Carbon? :dagger:


Wall is pretty fun I have to admit. It’s like candy and it’s not even Halloween. All I know is I want it and my guild can leave me alone so I can compete and not get the boot. Appreciated!

Why this weapon is 15 mana? Every other raid/invasion weapon are 14

Well call me crazy, but raid troops should have a double spell 1 action if you cast it on a boss and other for nornal troop. I say this because they are useless after the raid. For example make her do true damage to normal troops and use the cookie cutter spell that all raid troops have to bosses.



head in the clouds is a much older phrase than the tv show altered carbon xD


Vargouille: Explode four gems and a stun for 12 mana with no magic scaling. While having a tiny extra effect on divines but using the same colors that Ishbaala converts out. I know even 4 gem exploders that cost 12 mana can potentially create very powerful cascades in the right circumstance, but 12 mana seems a little harsh here compared to other stuff that is in the game. Divine Slayer trait could be useful versus soft targets, but I’m not seeing this as any sort of reliable counter to any current meta, if this was the intent.

Carmella: Fixed life gain on a troop specifically designed to go against high scaling opponents? Why not just gain half what she dealt in damage? She’d only get super high life values versus a boss, where the real threat is getting instakilled anyways and being able to take an extra skull hit or mook spell would be roughly tantamount to what Xiong Mao does, only she would only get an extra hit’s worth of health if she tagged the boss. Even in a dungeon, it would still only amount to a couple skull hits from the others, and if you are taking a boss killer into a dungeon, there would still be better options.

Wall of Oblivion: Could be useful with something that scales on others armor, but I’m kind of stretching here. Very few options there, none in Ghulvania for this raid. You can take a couple more skull hits while softening the enemy a bit in a non-repeatable way. Maybe the Death Mark will pay off, maybe it wont, maybe the enemies will just have a bunch of immunities. Currently the worst of the enemy armor scaling hero weapons because it only really facilitates stalling (and being really lucky). Maybe it could have been “if they are a boss, double that armor”. But then I’d expect to see a bunch of true damage troops in the raid.

I am well aware of that. However, that show forever changed what Head in the Clouds means to me, and if you’ve watched the show, you’ll understand why.

(Link to the spoiler: Head in the Clouds)

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Get rid of the stupid grace period for Death Mark and then this weapon might be a tad useful. I’m disappointed it can’t be used outside of raid/invasion/dungeon. Missed opportunity there.

And BUFF POISON while you’re at it.

Troops look meh, 12 mana to explode four gems, whilst being blocked by Bat and Draakulis! No, thanks I’ll keep Banshee, or Mountian Crusher, as the mana generator for a Ghul team.

Well lot of people were complaining about that cause of GW so pretty sure it won’t happen cause people will complain again

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Plenty of troops now have Death Mark immunity, plus we have more cleansing troops. So in my opinion, that argument is invalid, personally I thought it always was anyways. :roll_eyes:


Cleansing does nothing if the troop dies before your 1st chance to cleanse something. The grace period.