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He finally did it! Twice now! You unbelievers!

You know I’ve always felt a little embarrassed for Aziris. There he is working hard collecting his mana and when his moment to cast comes…um nice try?
Then it finally happened.
He actually made a skull match!
I gotta tell ya now I cheered and wiped a tear from my eye. It will never happen again but at least he had one moment in the sun.


Such a wonderful day!


I’ve been playing Gems for over a year and still have never seen this occur. Take a photo so people believe you. :smiley:


Lol I would have but I was just too suprised!

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Im not gonna believe you, so I am walking away…


Whoow tough crowd. It’s not like I said I saw a government employee actually working ya know!
Maybe I should report this on the support page? It had to have been a glitch.

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probably a glitch, if he was ment to match skulls he would have costed more mana :joy::sweat_smile:


There’s nothing worse then being the crazy lady that just had lunch with Elvis. Except being the crazy lady that says she also had dinner with him the next day.
Yes, that’s right. It happened again! There goes what’s left of my reputation. I’m off to buy a lottery ticket now.


I think your Aziris is slightly different to mine …

You mean that he actually made a match or the crown? I added the crown. Sadly I think it went to his head. Lol

Now that he’s done it a second time, he should get a second crown, right? It’s only fair.

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If he keeps doing it I’ll crown him alright heehee.

That he actually made a match of course haha

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