Having joystick plugged in causes UI to flicker

If I have my joystick plugged in when I start GoW, the UI flickers, and some options become unselectable, such as settings.

As you want video of the error in action, but then won’t allow AVI uploads, here’s a link to video on my google drive:

Video One

Video Two

This only occurs for me if the controller is receiving some kind of input. I noticed this when bumping my controller while playing the game with the mouse. Every time the controller receives input, the game switches to “controller mode”, but every time the mouse moves, you switch back to “mouse mode”, so both at the same time causes this back and forth flicker. If your controller isn’t lying in a way that inputs are being pressed and recalibration doesn’t fix the issue, the control stick(s) may be suffering from drift due to wear and tear, which you’ll probably notice in other games as well. If that is a case, the issue is with the controller itself and you’ll need to clean, repair, replace, or just not use the controller, depending on how severe the issue is. As a quick fix for this specific issue, just getting it to stop flickering while you have your controller plugged in, you can sometimes get a controller to stop drifting temporarily if you gently move the analog stick in the direction it is drifting, then back into the center and slightly in the opposite direction until it finally sticks in the deadzone, but that will only actually work until you use the controller again for anything.

Try unplugging your mouse while you’re using the joystick. See if that helps.

I want to use the mouse. The joystick is for Elite Dangerous, and similar type games

In many games that use joystick commands, I can either ignore the joystick, or set up a dead zone (as all joysticks will end up drifting over time). There is nothing in the settings that allows me to do any of those options. if not in the options, perhaps an INI file, or command line switch