Having hardware issues at the time this thread was made, please disregard

Sorry for the false alarm. Turns out to be a hardware issue on my end.

After restarting my computer the issue still persists. I also verified the game files on steam.

I just watched the video at x0.25 speed, and I can’t see the problem(s) you’ve outlined in your OP. Could you give a timestamp (or several if there are more than one) to where the problem(s) occur?

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You do not see that? I made another video without any gameplay. You can see the recommended move animation.

See what? It’s your turn and it’s recommending you match those 4 purple. What’s the issue?

I’m sorry that I didn’t clarify more. Matches cannot be made in L patterns like that. I have tried playing several games, it’s unplayable.
The second video has been replaced with one attempting to make the move.

I’m confused…in your second video, the recommended match is to move the middle brown gem up, which would make a 3-match on brown. You’re dragging one of the outer brown gems up/down which obviously won’t make a match here. I’m not sure what the issue is?

And in your first video, are you referring to the suggested yellow match at 0:19? Because that’s viable too.

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Sorry Macawi but I saw the same thing as Hooty

I know that I’m not doing the best job of explaining it, but I’m trying. No matter how I drag my mouse I cannot make any moves
Maybe it’s some sort of display issue or something.But things are definitely not the same for me like I’m used to.

Ah - so you’re trying to make the recommended move but it’s moving other gems instead?

Does sound like it might be a display issue. I don’t play on PC so I’m not sure what graphics options are available but I wonder if it’s possible/worth trying to change the resolution?

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I uninstalled and reinstalled my video driver and everything is working as it should now. Maybe I had a corrupted file or driver or something. I’ll delete those videos, I know the devs have better things to do than worrying about issues I’m having with my computer.
Thanks @Whiskeyjackand @HootyMcOwlFace.

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Huh, that’s weird. I hadn’t realised what you meant at first so my mistake for going down a different road, so to speak. Glad it’s all working as expected. I’d say it’s a useful thread with videos for anyone who experiences similar issues though.