Have a survival. Mode for high end game players

You play everyday as many times as you want, cost to play 5,000 souls. You give something. Away for every 10 levels of play. Make this to play within you guild. Right now theres nothing to do with your souls. No soul chests, no big card to use souls on, i have 3 millon souls. So to have a survival. Mode be greaat.

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I don’t understand what you are saying. Can you explain it more?

I think OP wants a game mode that would cost progressively more souls to play.

I don’t know what the actual mode would be, or what the incentive for spending souls to progress further in the mode would be, but that’s the gist of it, l think: a sort of “Soul Arena”

Play where the teams against. You keep increasing. In strength , play until you cant beat them

You pay 5,000 per game not progress of, but play within your guild. And dont give souls in return, just tring to ge a game mode to use souls on

Like making a ToD-like mode with souls as entry fee instead of sigils?

I interpreted it as a mode in which a new troop drops in whenever you kill a troop. Maybe with a points system based on damage dealt to see how far you can get. New troops dropping get harder. Kind of like the endless assault at the end of plants vs zombies.