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Has to be DUKE is now full! Weekly reqs. 500k gold (1 mil on gw week) 2000 seals, 500 trophies. All events are added up and divided by 30 that way everyone does their part. LT's on GW week, All weekly events completed, 40k seals

Yes! Sorry I had an important meeting so I couldn’t reply until now.

I wasn’t sure about how the event reqs work because my current guild does not care about them much.

Would you like me to leave now so I can get an invite?

Yes sure that would be great! If you want to meet me on global 861 I can get you in

Sorry about my delayed response now, I had to leave the house for a bit :sweat_smile:

@Calebius Whenever you are ready :blush:

Just sent a message to Global :slight_smile:

One spot open!

Come join us, for gw week this time we did 147 Lts :grin:

Come have fun with an awesome bunch of people! We have an active guild chat :blush:

1 spot open!

Come join us :grin:

One spot open! We’ve already done 105 Lts so far this gw :grin: We are rank 87 now, come help us climb! We are all friendly and helpful!

Join the Dukes today and have some fun playing the game!

Join us and see what fun you are missing out on :grin: