Hardcore Guilds

Maybe I missing it but I keep coming here looking and I constantly seeing people asking how to handle casual and hardcore members in there guild. This has led me to believe there is no hardcore guilds available out there, is this a correct assumption? Cause honestly I read and appears to me that yall more concerned about loosing the unproductive members I mean if there is sooooo many hardcore people then why isnt there hardcore guilds this just all seems silly to me. What exactly am I missing here???

I think it’s because “Casual” means different things at different levels.

What Intrim and Anonymous consider casual, could very well be hard core for other guilds.

To me, any guild averaging over 600 trophies a week per member is crossing into the hard core level. We average around 450 trophies a member, and I’d say we are an active top level guild, but not hard core.

I know some think our minimums of 300T/500K/1500S are very high, and to others, pretty easy requirements.


So what your saying is its a word game and how each individual interupts its definition. So Websters dictionary is meaningless. Cause to me those 2 words are at opposite ends of spectrum of each other. And with it being as you state then neither group shall ever be happy nor shall ever have a place of there own. I still dont get it…

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There are 4 guilds on Xbox that may be considered hardcore.

Yes. Basically, the perspective of each player in the game is unique.

It’s kind of like being “Fast” in football. Grade school fast, isn’t high school fast, isn’t university level fast, isn’t professional level fast.

I think this is part of why players were so vocal about having brackets in Guild Wars. Some players know they will never choose to play at the top levels, but they want to compete among their peers.

Over time, we’ve gone from Match Makers, Vn4ever, and some other old teams where “hardcore” was 12k trophies, only to have it redefined by Anonymous and Intrim as they compete in the 50k weekly trophy slugfest.

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Not to ignore your post but so far, what I seeing/understanding is there is hardcore just people wanna play with there friends and cause stress upon the guild to become hardcore rather than seeking the hardcore group. Myself I on fence to which way I wanna go I see both sides, I am on Xbox so I know whom u referring to there. But never would I cause seen about hardcore or casual over a friendship if I play for friendship then its gonna casual. But I joined a guild under assumption of what was posted here they was hardcore, only to find out they had changed guild owner and in which changed to casual. I with casual guild now and they been just as friendly and honest with me, I could easily join and have been approched to join any those top 5 guilds, but at this moment I see no need I can make it to top 25 rank anytime only reason I not this week I had personal problem arise and it still unresolved totally but regardless I see no benefit to me to leave my guild at the moment. However these folks playing with friendship need to get a grip and decide what they want and stop causing grieve on the guilds. Sorry if I rambled on here…