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Hard Vault Key Battle - AI Troop Stats

Hi, does anybody know why the AI troop stats of a hard vault key are x3 the values of the scouted stats?

You probably have you Casual PVP set to a harder difficulty.

Thank you for the reply.

Changing my Casual PvP to normal worked. Surely that “shouldn’t” affect a vault key battle? a glitch or oversight or potential bug?

It’s a known bug.

Known? More like recurring. Any time they change how difficulty works on any part of the game, they forget to turn off the old difficulty setting and thus, both apply. Ta-da!

Wasted a Vault Key because of this error.

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Known = already reported and being worked on fixing.

Sometimes testing doesn’t catch up such situations. Most people when planning tests focus on testing new functionality without checking if it affects/is affected by other factors. That’s where bugs come to life.
Playerbase is much larger than testerbase. So… even if testers are sometimes given free will to experiment with different setups, they might not catch up everything.

Seriously, its hard work behind the scenes.

I’m aware of what “known” means.
And I’ve worked behind the scenes.
My point is they haven’t learnt from past mistakes

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They will learn… eventualy

It was reported a few hours before this post came up, and Kafka acknowledged it and said the team is working on a fix for it. So, known bug.

It “shouldn’t”, but it’s been a bug affecting every feature for 3 years and the devs can’t ever remember to test a bug that affects every feature for 3 years. Their absolute favorite task is making the same mistake twice.

This is why they’ve been slowly removing difficulty sliders but, for some bizarre reason, they’re removing the casual PVP slider (the one that causes ALL bugs) last.