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happy playing GoW

One of the most satisfying moves in GoW is definitely when you strip a Paladin of a big chunk of armour just before he can cast his spell.


Or Rowanne. Or Gaard’s Avatar.

I love starting out a match by making a nice 3 match of red, and getting +2 mana from my heatwave talent, then getting infinite looped to death by the enemy goblin team. “Ah at least it’s in line with the corsair class” I think to myself.

Good times.

Maybe it will be more appropriate here - Do you agree with the change to the Sunspear class? ?

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Well no, they should have also changed the first trait to grant some sort of immunity to fire based status effects. Also they should have changed the water and forest talent trees to Cunning and Wind, to bring it more in line with the corsair class.