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Happy New Year to all Carnivores (PC/Mobile)

A big thank you from me to all past and present members of the pack. It has been a very eventful year, ending with us completing all Statue Tasks every week for the past ten weeks.

This week we achieved six Legendary Tasks as well. On Monday 2nd January we are having our third Great Seal Hunt and I am sure it will be as successful as the previous ones.

We are on the march. We are at league position #22 and are close to achieving 10K Trophies per week.

We remain a very aggressive but social pack and our requirements are minimal for our position because we want people to enjoy the game. Some of the pack enjoy the social aspects of using Discord. Some enjoy using our own private forum for our FAQ, weekly reports and other interesting goodies. Some are quiet and just enjoy having their own trophy BBQ.

Congratulations Carnivores and many thanks for being patient with me when I made mistakes and for some of you making sacrifices for the benefit of the pack. Without your support I would not have remained and matured in the post and I am seriously humbled by the amount of goodwill in our group.

Therefore, it is only right that we big softies (with long teeth and sharp claws) have a New Year group hug!

We have a pretty good mix of carnivores of various sexes, ages, locations, time-zones, and nationalities. Our cubs are supported until they complete the levelling of their kingdoms as well.

They need a group hug too!

Our team mascot and 31st pack member is Spartacus. He gets into a lot of trouble and gets the blame for all our mistakes. Here’s a pic of our bad boy turning the tables on us when he knows we want to slap him with a wet fish.

Might as well sneak in a little recruitment while I am here!

If you like what you see and would like to join us (and have a sense of humour) let me know by PM.

Our requirements are: 250K Gold / 750 Seals / 100 Trophies.

Again, many thanks to all members of the Carnivore pack.

Happy New Year also to all our readers and, of course, the game developers. :+1::+1:

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hi im lv1037,and looking for a new guild please,i can meet your requirements no worries,…

New member of the pack on board and a welcome addition to a happy snarling bunch of meat eaters :kissing_closed_eyes: