Happy Anzac day!

I just want to say as an American we are taught that world war 1 was won mostly by American troops. This is completely untrue and anyone who takes the time to actually learn about it knows this.

Today April 25th is an important day and its not widely known here in the usa. Today is the 102nd anniversary of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps’ landing at Gallipoli in order to open the Dardanelles to the allied navies.

Throughout the war the Anzac troops continually proved to be among the toughest and most effective troops for the allies and that fact is unfortunately not well known here in America.

So lets all take a moment today and remember the Anzac troops and maybe educate ourselves a little bit more about our Aussie friends.


They teach that in America? Crazy Americans. Americans are among the lowest contributors to actual fight.

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Is that sarcasm @DonBoba or a genuine dislike of Americans?

Neither. Just talking what actually happened here.
And I’m not saying American trops did nothing, but that the Europeans did a lot more considering what they got.

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I dont disagree however you appear to have missed my point. I was just trying to bring attention to the holiday that is not as well known here as it should be.

Edit: after re-reading your first post i understand what you were saying and i agree with you 100%.

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Today is also Liberation Day here in Italy

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It’s Tuesday here, happy Tuesday.


ANZACs are insane; Gurkhas are terrifying. No one in their right mind wants to fight against either of them.

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