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Halloween Costume Ideas

yeah, she quitted the game.

sad to hear that :frowning:

Well, in my opinion, there is no better idea than the Japanese traditional kimono with a kabuki mask. Let me tell you a short story. Last year, I spent Halloween in Japan. I attended a Japanese Kabuki theatre event which is stuck in my mind since that day. It was such an exceptional experience as I have never seen a theatre performance like that. Kabuki is a traditional style of Japanese theatre. It is a theatrical style with a very rich history. Originating from the 1600s it’s incorporated the social topics of that time and even after many renditions, sanctions from leaders, and changes it is still as popular as ever. One of the most popular or characteristic features of kabuki theatre is definitely the masks that are used. The word kabuki means “out of the ordinary” and without the use of these exaggerated masks and makeup theatre wouldn’t be the same. Their masks were adding spice to performance. As an American liked the Joker and Jason masks. They were wearing different kinds of jocker masks.

Well, well have selected my Halloween costume for the 2022 Halloween and that is Vikings style costume. It is a bit expensive but also a unique idea. Ragnar Lothbrok costume is a really cool costume for Halloween.