Had a question on GW


I had a question about Guild Wars. Last week we were in bracket 2. And we tend to bounce between 2 and 3. Since 2 is a bit harder for us. And yet this week it shows us starting in bracket 4 over 3. Which struck me as odd as I’ve never seen it jump a bracket when pushing you lower. I have a screenshot from the week previous that supports us being in bracket 2. So my question is : How did we go from bracket 2 to bracket 4?

These were bracket 2 guilds we faced last week.

In the history of us doing Guild Wars we have never jumped up or down a bracket. Usually the next bracket up or the next bracket down. S V and others in this list were placed in bracket 3 or better. As is common with 1 up or 1 down in a bracket. We are the only guild from bracket 2 that got ranked into bracket 4, when points went back to 0.

I seem to remember that Sirrian said something a while back about this. Top guild in each bracket moves up two brackets. 2nd and 3rd move up one. 8th and 9th move down one. And, per Sirrian, the bottom guild in each bracket moves down two. Were you rank 20 at the end of last week?

@Grundulum We don’t do the best in 2, but I didn’t check at the end of the week at where we were. Usually we do very strong for 3, but not strong enough for 2. Jumping 2 seems more of a punishment when 3 we smash through easily. So going into 4 is more of a temporary punishment , but one we can beat. Just found it strange.

Here is some details that Sirrian posted around the time Guild Wars was introduced:

@Ozball Thank you I got that information from @Grundulum. And as stated its a temporary thing but one we can easily beat. It does feel more as a punishment to drop the lowest guild 2 brackets. Especially when they are in the harder brackets.

Ozball did better than I did, with a link and everything. I just happened to post while he was searching for official confirmation.

@Grundulum Yes there was no complaint to that fact. Just your answer was sufficient. Sometimes people do not need the book only the abridged version. <3