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GW - Wisp counters for each color

I don’t blame ppl if you choose to not answer considering it is probably some of you that is kicking my ace.

Blue / Purple…
… Psion is probably your best bet. Though Wisp is relatively an RNG juggernout. There is no “counter” to it. No empowered troop counters it (stealthy), so Spirit Fox doesn’t help … The only thing that SOMETIMES helps is Psion with a lucky skull board.

That’s it.
… Also. You can try to Freeze it with Mab. Blue / Purple, too. And there you have it. We don’t have anything else reliable in the meta.

Khorvash can be useful. Sometimes. Still RNG.

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Leshy for brown days

I had the same thought, tried Leshy and got killed before being able to fill him.


Elwyn on Green and Yellow days can be a help.

I know it seems like a joke, but Fey Slayer can really help cut through them. His mana gathering ability is OK.

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There is no reasonable specific counter, it is all random and heavily depends on starting board. Astral Spirit can remove purple right away, same with Mercy, but both are highly situational. All the rest is just a spin of a slot machine. Soothsayer might help on brown days.

Dwarven gate. Mana spawner for other troops while having a low attack so enchants don’t hurt as much.

Psion, Khorvash, Mercy

Khorvash, Leshy


Crimson Bat, or any extremely high skull damage.




I never counted the Purple > Yellow from Mercy as a counter.
… But I guess you could call it that. Nice piece of advice!

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These are somewhat weaker troops so they may not be worth it, but they may be:

Lord ironbeard (yellow/blue) with his triple damage to red

thorn knight (purple/green) with his damage to 1st troop & remove all red gems

Anything that converts 1 gem type to another - valkyrie, alchemist, hellcat, forest guardian, green seer, etc. Even giant spider can be used to create more purple to eliminate potential matches for ai.

Also I think barrier is under rated for this task. Dragon monk can potentially barrier your entire team and protect against 1-2 charms depending on where they hit, as well as get you mana & remove pesky potential matches. Dwatven gate, jotnar & aurora may be useful.

Perhaps something there will resonate.

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Is it totally odd to me, that when fizzbang was overpowered they fixed it asap @Sirrian @Saltypatra but wisp should be renamed “Guild Wars defense #1”. Period end of story. Wait…broken impervious. Krakens until they fix it. I love you guys but they should call it “wisp” wars…are you lucky enough to survive"

With the old AI and skull distract it was annoying but acceptable. Now it refills itself and keep going, it is almost impossible to counter on non Mab days.

Seriously guys ?

Doesn’t work too well, Wisp is stealthy, so you can only target it once there’s nothing else left.

Doesn’t work too well either, Wisp dispels all enemies, so those barriers just tend to disappear without protecting anything at all.


Borealis for blue or yellow days. Highly underrated troop. I have no problems with Wisp or Goblins when I field Borealis.


Forest Guardian works in this way too while skulling them to the face!


Sounds like too much mana, and I don’t want them to take my barriers away :smile:
Plus, Mab (usually paired with wisps) freezes, so it hurts my ears :smile:

Not so much a colour option, but when I go up against wisps I try to freeze them with Mab or Borealis early on if I can.

I also enjoy tackling them with Lady Anariel. I know the way I play the game is a bit different than other players (read: slower) but it’s how I get enjoyment from it. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah…forgot that was one of his 10 abilities… :frowning:

That only seems to work when getting super lucky. Wisps are Swift, a single red or purple match will get all of the multiple ones present ready to cast. Once they’ve looped through all their board jumbling and extra turns, one side is usually missing two troops, the other side is ready to unload whatever all the intermediate matches managed to fill up. At that point it no longer matters whether the Wisps get frozen or not, they just serve as meat shield to allow the other troops to clean up the sorry remains undisturbed.


Most of us try and use mono colored teams. Works well on blue purple days but on poor red days, it’s a luck of the draw

On Green Day I have found dark maiden/apothecary combo works well at controlling the board and since apothecary cleanses you don’t have to worry about freeZe as much. I paired it with famine, but since not everyone has famine it’s not for everyone. It’s a very slow team but worked