GW scoring when opponent does 0 dmg/mana

We had blue GW day today and so I had the chance to play my same looping team in all 5 fights to compare my scoring… and it was weird.

I know the formula with actions done, dmg ratio, mana ration and surviving troops.

The weird (maybe buggy?) thing is the dmg ratio and the mana ratio, which both have “my_value divided though enemy_value” in the formula. My second fight was a “perfect” fight (killed opponent on turn 1, with 0 mana and 0 dmg for the opponent). And it was my worst rated fight, with only 13xx points, almost 260 points less the my best-rated fight with the same team.

(Update: those 260 points difference include 100 points difference for tier II [worst-rated] vs. tier IV [best-rated], so TBH it was just 160 points “real” difference)

Now the question is: What does that mean for the mana ratio and damage ratio? (I’m referring to C% and D% in the formula in the linked page above).

My damage divided though zero is… ??undefined?? → minimum of (4, ??undefined??) is …??undefined??

Given the huge difference in scoring, it seems killing your opponent in turn 1, without him doing any damage or mana, completely negates part C and D of the scoring formula.

Is it score-wise counter-productive to kill your opponent in turn1?

Yes. Since the value of your opponent is zero, and is used when calculating your score, to completely shut out your opponent cost you points. I did’nt make the rules that way, i just play GW. EDIT: That’s not the only inconsistency in scoring. Devour gets you no points. But Zuul Instant Kill does.

Well, that’s the point. If it works this way, it is a bug, because 1 divided by 0 is NOT 0, it is undefined/an exception in coding.

The docs state

MANA_BONUS = Min(4, MyTotalMana/EnemyTotalMana) * C%

which for a human understanding means

MANA_BONUS = Min(4, MyTotalMana/(EnemyTotalMana or at least 1)) * C%

because, as Boromir already said, one does not simply divide by zero. Basically the division should use something like the Elvis operator ?:

MANA_BONUS = Min(4, MyTotalMana/(EnemyTotalMana ?: 1)) * C%

You lose points for every MOVE you make. Turn 1, 13 moves wil give you a low score.


From the link:

Combining that with what UKresistance said should answer your questions, I think. Does that make sense, looking at your results? It really is MOVES, not TURNS, up to 30 – so matching gems, casting spells.


Did you notice this?


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I wonder what was updated.


A quick look makes me think nothing really has changed, could just be a typo or something thats been updated