GW Defense Changing Team Names+Banners

Note: this appears to be cosmetic only.

My ‘Maw Mercy Invade’ team doesn’t have Dark Troll and my ‘Gard’ team doesn’t have Lord Ironbeard.

It has only affected days that have finished, I suspect that in 18h 20m it will change ‘Anti Red Def’ too.

My Maw Mercy and Gard teams are the #1 and #2 on my list, so its just going from the top of the database.

This only happened after 3.2.5 was released.

Lucky you. My defenses reset middle of the week so I lost the bonus.

Also I don’t know what will happen for the rest of the week, since I cannot re-set defenses for days already fought.

I’m seeing this same issue: defense teams 1 and 2 have the names from teams from slots 1 and 2 in my troop menu, but the actual troops on defense are correct. The rest of my defense teams have the correct names.

Hmm. We’re some hours into day four now and, oddly enough, day three hasn’t changed the name and banner yet (for me at least). How mysterious.

Ah, but 3 did change when I updated, which was after the start of day 3. Did you update before or after the changeover?

Perhaps a logic error in a conversion script that ran for this update? Ie single-time change.

I updated in the middle of day 3 I think.

This appears to be a one-off, and a cosmetic one at that. Might be best to just see if it does it again next week, and I doubt it will.

Defenses have reset again. Yay!

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