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GW Dead Guilds and Moving Brackets

On PC you would start in bracket 450+ or something like that and climb from that point… :wink:

Guild my alt made is currently in bracket 359. Started somewhere in May or June… It’s slowly progressing up with every GW. Most of brackets contain 1-2 guilds that have at least 1 player that hits back. Rest are dead meat.


Last GW, we had a grand total of 3 people who actually fought us. Kind of disheartening.


hmmm… how do you measure the willingness of a guild to join a war?

a guild can consist of 1 single player and very active

it can consist of 30 active players

it can also consist of 30 semi active players

the guild with active players may click on register for war in 21 days after the war is done, AND on the war week, no one sets up any defense. no one attacks and they will appear as an inactive guild for war.

that same guild can also be active in events etc. so, back to the question, how do you quantitatively measure and differentiate a guild that is willing to join a war vs the guild that isnt willing or was originally willing to participate in GW but changed their mind

If that guild scores 0 points, they’re not a very willing guild.

for that war yes, but how about for next war? do you just ban them for next war?

add: remember, new guilds also have 0 score for previous war

They should massively drop brackets. I don’t agree with banning them or instantly dropping them to the worst bracket. Maybe the guild just massively cleaned house for example. While I do side eye the painfully low score guilds, they’re less my issue than the actual 0 point guilds that make up half the bracket despite over a year of climbing ranks.

Personally, I think if a guild scores 0 time and time again, they should get sent to the worst bracket.

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yes, but the problem is, a guild that scored zero last war may change their mind and decide to participate on the next war.

I agree if a guild score 0 for several consecutive wars, they should be dropped.

Some of these guilds likely exist. Do they really make up half my bracket for every single GW? Doubtful. I’d be willing to bet most of those guilds having gotten 0 points several times. I imagine even if a guild leader is cleaning house, the leader themselves would still participate in the GW just to get a couple points to prevent moving to a worse bracket.

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Any guild don’t want to get dropped, ought to fight their battles in the current guild war. Simple, easy, awesome.

As far as registering for a GW, it was my intent to verify that as the lowest rank, I was able to do so at reset. Unfortunately, I also had an alt logged in at the time. So while it was my main that was active, and took a screenshot, I do not know that if because my alt was also logged in, I somehow obtained its super powers and was therefore able to register my guild simply by being online.

It’s still a bug in my opinion. Not as big a problem as having dead guilds posting zeroes in GW, but perhaps proof that not all guilds “actively register to participate” in GW as claimed by the devs.

A guild that posts a zero ought to drop a significant amount of brackets, no matter what the reason. We had a Level 1400+ log in Thursday just to tell us he didn’t feel like fighting, and that we could kick him if we wanted. We waited til after reset, just in case he felt like changing his mind.

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Well, maybe a simple solution would be:

if a guild scores 0 over the whole week, they should be moved X bracket down, where X is thir current bracket.

So Guild i bracket 1 will be moved to bracket 2.
Guild in bracket 2 will be moved to 4…
3 to 6…
80 to 160…
120 to 240…
300 to… last bracket ingame

And that demotion, should apply to all guilds that scored 0 -> not only those ordered on last 2-3 spots.

That way, 0 scoring guilds would be moved down quite fast from the active player base. Also that way, some non-0 guilds would move up a bit faster.