🎸 Rock$tar 🎵 (Rank 11) searching one new Member! 💎🏆🎖✨

:guitar: Rock$tar is searching for two active players!
Be a member of a top11 guild worldwide. Mainly our players are from Germany, but we also communicate in english.

We offer:

  • :musical_note:All regualr 72 weekly tasks done on monday
    :guitar:20++ legendary tasks done each week
    :musical_note: … 40.000 Seals (guild chest level 6) done each week
    :guitar:Guild Wars rewards of group 2/3
    :musical_note: … fully functional discord server for internal communication
    (+helpful players +support +statistics +chat +presentation of usable teams)
    :guitar:all magical masteries (+120 points)
    :musical_note:all statue bonifications due to donations
    (+3 att +2 magic +8 life +8 armor)
    :guitar:all guardian statue bonifications
    (+6% tribute chance +10% amount of tribute +50% XP +6 moves at treasure chest games +50% souls +2 glory/PvP)

We expect:

  • :musical_note: … Discord: activity, be part of our group of friendly players
    :guitar: … Gold donations: as much as possible
    :musical_note: … Seals: 1334 until sunday
    :guitar: … Trophies: 300+ shouldn’t be a problem
    :musical_note: … Guild Wars: statues at level 4-5 + play 30 Guild Wars fights with the best possible outcome

Are you interested?

We’re happy to meet new players. If you’re a “small player” or new to the game, don’t shy away.
Contact on the :guitar: Rock$tar :musical_note: discord Server is: :guitar: Hoeshy#6343 :musical_note:
Join the discord server, mouseclick right on his nickname and then mouseclick left to “open chat” and talk to him in private.
Alternatively you can post right here in the thread. Via discord this process is more simple and faster.

I’m currently looking for a guild who focuses on trophies as well as everything else. You guys seem to have huge amounts of trophies every week and I’d like to be a part of it if possible. I contribute an average of 1200 trophies a week as well as everything else.