Guilds with Line apps for communication

I’m looking for any guilds that use Line app specifically as their guilds mode of communication. A lot of new players are possibly going to be pouring over to GoW soon that all mostly use Line and I would like to be able to send them to guilds that also use Line and can help them navigate the game :slightly_smiling_face:

Add me on Line: ( missyelfatihvi ) if you have a Line guild that may be interested in being put on a list for new players in the next couple weeks :slight_smile:

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Hi there mistress! Been awhile. Hop3 the Fuse is all doing well

All good in Fusetown :slight_smile: same old same old. Jokes and banter galore! Hope you’re well!

I am. I know I wasn’t with you guys long but I enjoyed it. Seeing you or Hulk post makes me smile usually. I’m currently at level 1015 or so and this week so far am leading contributions. But una and pressure will overtake me I have no doubt. I’m working on five stars now for all kingdoms and traiting troops and classes. I have about ten M ythics all but two are fully traited. A ton of legendary and blah blah blah obviously I have tons of time during the winter lmao