Guilds need to its members

I think guilds needs to have less members than 30 , it should be around 18-20 members only . Its sad to see gobal chat have people trying to recuit all the time . The guilds are better that way .

This won’t factor into positions being open.
They’ll be 18/20 instead of 28/30.
What we need is the developers more worried about retention than ruining the game with nerfs that is causing more folks to quit the game than players starting the game and continuing to play.
Expect Salty to dismiss my thoughts.
But basically in 3 years of being a GM… I’ve never known the turnover rate to be as high as it is now. All thanks to 4.7 nerfs and Faction difficulty. The factors have simply ruined the fun of the game for a lot. I hear the word “chore” being thrown out a lot as of late to describe the game play.


I don’t know that 4.7 made it that much worse it seems gems is heading towards supporting people with infinite time or cash to play and or buy their way. Which is fine. I think the rough part is navigating between people who are extremely competitive and those who are incredibly casual and finding like minded players where you are at that want what you want.

Then you can at least agree that it failed to make Retention any better. It’s either better, worse or stagnant.

Pet Gnomes in Explore would possibly bring back some of the play time/possible reward satisfaction level. I think a lot of players get easily discouraged doing repetitive Explore runs when there is nothing which may trigger our brain chemistry into stimulating us to do this more often without any kind of ‘surprise’ at least occasionally.

Pets are also significantly important for kingdom power levels too now. This is not going to happen any time soon though.

Instead, we have all been forced to become Explore grindbots with no real fun except a boring medal grind because PvP matchmaking/rewards suffered horribly since 4.7.


I win for guild keys :face_with_monocle:

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You are not forced to do anything.
I rarely explore. Yet I contribute a million plus to guild every week.
It’s a game. If you are not having fun then why are you playing?

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I did not say I was not having fun.

That’s the issue. Many have stopped despite enjoying it for years prior.
I think your question is rhetorical. But if I may…

  • Habit (Much like Smoking. Not all habits are good.)
  • Financial stake (Invested a lot of money and want to get your money’s worth)
  • Club pressure (want to play because you love the guild)
  • Nostalgia (Used to enjoy the game and still want to)
  • Charity (want to support the devs)

So there’s multiple reasons why folks continue to play despite the game becoming worse in some aspects over the years. To be fair, there’s a lot it has improved upon.
But the recent changes from 4.7 has sucked the fun out of it for many. When “fun” was the major factor of why folks continued to play.


@Graeme no you didn’t say you were not having fun. It just seemed implied that you weren’t by the tone of your message.
@awryan everyone is entitled their opinion and there are many ways of playing and enjoying the game. What is important to some there are likely others that care nothing about it.