Guild Weekly Seals?

What is the last day to spend the weekly seals before it resets?

my guild is currently at 2977 out of 40000, so we are only at tier 2 for guild chests.
I want to make sure I buy some guild chests for it resets.

Your seals will stay with you, so I would keep them if I were you until you find a guild that can gather at least 20000 seals a week. That raises the value of each seal spent.


Like the other person said, once you collect seals, they are yours forever, at least until they are spent. So I would recommend saving them also, until your guild does much better or you go to another guild that gets 20 - 40k seals

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in a guild of 30 players and I have earned almost 1/3 of all the guild seals by myself.

If you are the most active person in your guild then it’s time to find a better guild. Just ask in global chat if anyone looking for an active member.

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What platform do you play on? I might have a better home for toy on xbox if you can get full seals each week :slight_smile:

I Play on xbox. Does your guild hit the 40k weekly?

Not weekly, but we hit it occasionally.

We always hit the 20,000 mark.

We have a couple people who don’t look like they’re on-track to meet requirements, so if you can get 175,000 gold a week and 1,500 seals, I’ll invite you to fill one of their spots—just let me know your invite code if you’re interested!

holy crap, I wish I knew how to get that kind of gold. I am only level 71 and the only way I know how to make gold right now is through pvp battles and my kingdoms tributes.

23 kingdoms - level 4
9 kingdoms - level 5
1 kingdom - level 6
1 kingdom - level 7

Reach out to me Sunday night — I’ll let you join briefly, just so you can get good guild chests and Monday morning rewards (our guild completes most tasks early in the week).

This’ll at least give you a leg up key-and-gem-wise. Then maybe you’ll keep us in mind further down the road, when our requirements seem more manageable :wink:

Thanks for the offer!!! I will pass though. I don’t want to leave my guild temporarily for a guild I can’t stay in. I will wait until I am more leveled up and have more income to contribute to a guild. I am not worthy :slight_smile: I will just save all my guild seals for a future time.

Thanks again!!

No problem, dude; best of luck to you! :smiley:

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