Guild Wars Will be Temporarily Offline

I agree. It’s made me more engaged as I was about to leave. That said, I also get the complaints about it being a little too “grief oriented” even if it is really a problem only for the top. And I can also see how the RNG can be super frustrating (though I’m happy taking the good with the bad).

To be honest, I think a lot of these changes won’t fundamentally change things. It seems to me people are really asking for a system that doesn’t encourage griefing and to improve the AI/RNG so it works more in the players favor.

I’m honestly not sure how to fix the griefing issue but I don’t think having the dev team pick the defenses is a good solution. Honestly, it seems like Mana Drain, Devour, and Empowered True Dmg are the problems.


Well said :smile:
You never see players with records like 200 wins 1500 losses lol.
Quite the opposite so game must not be that hard.


Thank you Developers for taking a couple of weeks to improve Guild Wars. While I like guild wars and have enjoyed it quite a bit, there have been so many bugs and issues recently that I agree it is in the best interest to take a few days and make some needed improvements. I look forward to Guild Wars 2.0



Terrible timing for this I told my GL yesterday I was quitting and I have already been replaced.


Awesomeness even though I do like guild wars!


Well I am thoroughly disappointed. GW has been a chance to aim to win by playing a relatively small amount of games each day. Gradually moving up brackets has been fun, and has really got my guild working together. I can’t believe that all the moaners will be playing less than five games a day - you’ll not be achieving your top guild reqs for long doing that. Sad that the vocal majority on this forum win out yet again, yet are only a tiny part of the player base. :frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️

This is great, thanks!

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Well… your post doesn’t help anything…

You categorize them as moaners and pull numbers out of nowhere to support yourself.

That’s not contributing… at all.

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@Saltypatra - when will the GW troops make it into chests?


I said I would come back when changes to GW were made and GW fixed. I came back a little too early, but score 1 for the Dev team.

We did it Reddit.


In my opinion Guild Wars have been a fail, a long time waiting for a boring and frustrating series of battles


GW has been a mess since day 1. Please take it offline for as long as it is necessary to get it right. I have been in a holding pattern for 6 months, what’s a few more.

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Yay! can’t wait for the free gems in mail!

Was about to bring back GW as our guild requirements this week, but then XD

Gw is the only part of the game that aint grinding for gold and trophies. I love creating teams to counter specific defend teams. Ofc there is alot of justice/mab teams (console) but thats not the devs fault, its the players. Why fix something that aint broken?!

Please re-tune troops page, because filtering troops is a horror!

There should be an option to quick manage troops from kingdoms on main screen in kingdom option (explore… manage)

I loved guild wars too, just hope it will be up again after the 2 weeks. :slight_smile:


My prediction: it will be at least double that…

I must say i am disappointed but hopeful that when/if GW comes back it will be much improved. I really love GW but agree it will benefit from a bit of tweaking



Fantastic! Excellent decision,weekly GW has become a burden and biweekly or monthly GW would be a great change,IMHO.


Why are guild wars stopped? Can’t you think while the guild wars run?
This is another bad decision.
First the crap 3.0.5. patch, now guild wars are stopped and what comes next?