Guild Wars Will be Temporarily Offline

Sounds like your doing the whining

Yeah of course a deviation according to the month can be possible.
But if you check for 2016, their stats want up during summer (aside August).
These charts are of course not enough to make any comclusions, only assumptions.

For sure, it will be better that devs provide some stats :stuck_out_tongue: .

Xp bonus for gw daily victory isn’t expiring on xbox one, still 390%. Vip 8, death knight armor, top guild.

What ever job expires the bonus is also on hold with gw. And no fixing this, not a bug but desirable feature.

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Same on the PC version, I have 400% while I believe it should be 300%, I am VIP 10.


Ok so where the update for GW ? too long no informations make my member itchy for action. This unacceptable, I pay money for this game and then it get taken down. Need to give answers quickly please.

Has it been two weeks already? My game says next gw starts in 7 days, 23 hours, 46 minutes.

It hasn’t even been 1 full week yet.

It hasn’t even been one week and I’m really bored. Without GW there’s nothing much left to do after Monday. Even started playing Gardenscapes and Candy Crush again :frowning:

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I hope we get the tasks from console soon on PC… Those are kinda fun, with potential to be super fun :slight_smile:

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Arena, which needs a refurbishment it’s self, is fun. I’ve played it several times this week.


The event system replicates the tasks on the console. They have said in the past that the full task system will not be migrated since it is used to help offset the difference in accessibility/tribute gathering abilities.

All from memory from almost a year so I cannot quote direct.

I still like playing arena also. Would be nice if there was another version where you can randomly pick from higher troops also. Would be nice to see all troops randomly

Obviously this was an awesomely bad move with NO FURTHER REPLY!! from the DeVos. Why’d they take it down what is the expected return what caused the sudden removal. Really freaking strange. I find the game a little less interesting now. Please fix this!

Well dev? Where are you ? drinking coffee under tree ? Why you take down guild wars with no reasons? I know you try to fix it but why you don’t make solution first, then apply patch ? Is fine in meantime. Or is it you scared so many complaining player, bring tear to your eye and scared pants ?

This is a completely unreasonable tone to be taking with the developers. I suspect that they all work more than 8 hours a day. They want this game to be the best they can get it. They’re certainly not holding back content because they’re afraid of the players.


There was enough notice! If you removed members before reset and before they collect their reward then shame on you! Tacet actually was going to remove people because of guild wars but then he didn’t have to because of this!

You truly need to take a chill pill! The Devs are trying to make game better and people like you don’t want it better I guess!

The hammer should be brought down! Some folks are unreasonable!

These sorts of dev call outs always seem to happen when we are sleeping. I’m so sorry, but we do need sleep in order to function as normal human beings. (I know! Blasphemy! Sleep is the for the weak and all that jazz!)

We haven’t announced anything because we are still knee deep in the process and don’t want to confirm anything that might change at a later date. We are currently hard at work on a series of server side fixes which are coming along nicely, and are looking further into implementing other changes.


If guild wars is delayed again can you try to give notice possibly by Friday your local time?

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