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Guild Wars unique defense teams (hero classes)

Hi everybody,

is it possible to set up different hero classes for different guild wars days in a single week for unique defense teams? My question is not if they are counting as unique troops. I know that if you use different hero weapons it counts as unique. My question is, for instance, if you set up the hero as bard class for day #1 def together with Silenus to profit of 50% mana, then set up warden class at day #2 with forest guardian and say day #3 as priest class to profit with the new Ishbaala. Can this prepared all on Monday for the whole week? Isn’t it so that if I change the hero class it changes to this class for all days at the unique defense teams? OK, you can set up one class for the upcoming day and change it each day in the morning, but first of all you have to change it at a specific time and maybe you’re busy at this time or something and the other thing is, it’s changed at the past days as well, isn’t it? Often some battles will be fought afterwards and not always at the same day. So, the question is, is it possible to prepare and save the hero class for each day in one week at the unique defense teams at the beginning of the week like today?

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As far as I know you can set different hero weapons for different days but the class stays as whatever you have set at the moment.


So, OK, it seems it is not possible to set it up this way I wish it would be possible. I don’t know if any devs reading here as well or where I’ve to write this to reach them. But for me this will be a feature request. I’ve heard about that guild wars will change in the near future. If this with the unique defense teams will be still there, it would be very nice if this with the classes will be possible in the future. Thanks!

We’ve asked repeatedly for different Hero classes on different teams - as far as I remember, the answer has always been that it’s technically impossible and that would be a low priority to change (compared to new features, new game modes, etc.).

It’s really kinda getting old, but them’s the breaks.

Thank you for your quick answer, Amadan! Ah OK, I don’t really did any research here if this issue was already discussed. I wrote it just right away as it comes in my mind on Monday. But OK, I thought something similar as well that it’s not really possible. Thank you again for your answer!

The only possible way of doing it without costing any gems would be to set it for day 1, then change it just before reset on day 2 & keep doing that for the week. Depending on your reset time it may be impossible though!

Yes, Casper, I wrote this already in my initial post. But as you said it as well, sometimes it is not possible because you’re busy or sleeping or whatever. And you would change the class at past teams as well and some battles were fought afterwards by some players and to this time the past team with the changed class is messed up and will not work 100%. So, this isn’t really a solution.

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It won’t change the past teams, as they are locked in at reset. This is why you would need to change your class just before reset each day :+1:t2:

Ah really? OK, I’ll try this this week. Thank you for the info!

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