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Hi everybody. New excel file (maybe someone could turn it into google sheet)
This one serves to verify your points, but also of personal data base for you to recall your matches and the teams that you used.

The link for download:

Excel file
(Click on the arrow)

Some screenshots

DB sheet (updated 05/07/2017):

Simulator Sheet

Summarize Sheet

Day Sheet

use filters

for your pleasure… Kaya :wink:


Great job!!!


Thanks for making this, Kaya :slight_smile:


Nice! I find the point calculator to be particularly useful, particularly for my smaller account that has to decide between winning or using a lot of the same color.


:two_hearts:its really great work.:heart_eyes:

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Thanks to sœur Marie-Thérèse for her helpfulness. :slight_smile:

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A little explanation for the novices of excel: for troop cells, the drop-down list with autocomplete on excel is different from a google sheet.
Use: first delete the Troop word from all cells, then type the first letter of your troop, and then clicking the arrow (top right of the cell) you will have a smaller list of choices with the troop starting by the chosen letter.

Formula :sweat_smile:


PS: same for Weapon cells

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great work :slight_smile:

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Hi all

Want to know some feedback about this spreadsheet … functional or not … we can improve some points ?

For the simulator sheet, and following the update, please remove the protection of the sheet and modified the values of the basis points

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