Guild Wars teams disappeared once the day 1 started

Platform, device version and operating system
Steam (windows 10) and Android (Huawei P10)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened

Yesterday I’ve used the Steam client on my linked account to set up my defense teams for the guild wars. I’ve used my last team slots for that (so team 25 up to team 30). Named them accordingly and ensured they are unique. I’ve set these as the active teams for the gw defenses. I then proceed to play some more games afterwards closing the game after few treasure hunts.

Today, after the reset, I’ve checked the guild wars and the defenses were all gone leaving me with the default, empty team (a weapon with the hero in the first slot).

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Never happened to me to lose my teams. Not sure if other people are experiencing this today.

Steps to make it happen again
I don’t know how to reproduce it. If you keep account logs or history or such things you can find it if you check it on my account MEMLEAKSS_XM91. You should see the teams being saved yesterday and the team being emptied sometime between yesterday and today.

I am fairly certain these were saved in the server since I did played other games afterwards and even more, after I set about 3 teams I got a power cut which made my computer shutdown. Once I opened the game again the 3 teams were indeed properly saved and I could continue setting the others. I checked them again before leaving the game for good. Something happened and the server decided to reset them. This means that I lost the Day 1 bonus and defense which could be quite a hefty amount of score.

Hello Memleak,

I’m really sorry this happened! :frowning: Unfortunately we don’t have the functionality to reimburse you for missing Guild Wars points.

Can you please describe exactly what you did around setting your teams in more details: e.g., Set day 1 defense team by selecting banner, exited, played treasure hunt, returned and set day 2 and 3, exited.

Did you notice if the banners were the same but the Team was empty? Or did the banner reset as well?

please be sure to set your defense teams again!

Hi Cyrup,

That is fine, I do not need and would not be fair to get guild wars points. It would be nice if we manage to find out what happened to prevent it. I do have a slight idea that I’ll share bellow.

So what I did is set the first set of teams (3) with banners on PC. Then I got a power cut after which I logged in again and the 3 teams where there. I kept on working through the other colors. At the end each team had a banner set and a specific name to easily identify them. I started creating these teams started with the last open slot from my teams (30, in my case). I went to the guild wars screen and assign the correct team to the correct color.

Now I kept playing on my PC for maybe half an hour and then closed the game.

In the morning I’ve checked the teams using my smartphone. Here might be the issue: the smartphone had the gems of war left open in the background. One explanation I have is that when I opened the smartphone, for some reason, it rewrote the team compositions although in the guild wars the teams were note removed. They were still there, just without a banner, name or composition. So this might have been a partial rollback caused by opening the smartphone app after doing changes on the PC.

Let me know if you need more info that I might provide and thanks.

That was exactly what went wrong. I have this happened multiple times when switching between devices. Luckily not during gw