Guild Wars strategy question

I have a question about the use of the color of the day. Do monocolored teams get more points over dual colored teams? Say for example today’s color is brown. Would an all monocolored brown team net you a higher bonus point than a dual colored brown and whatever colored team if everything else was constant? I bring this up because a former member did really great, outscoring every other member and when asked, he said he uses all monocolored troops in his team. I’ve tried monocolored decks and my scores have improved a lot but after asking a couple of veteran players, i was told that that was not a factor. I would like to get more opinion on this especially players who have used monocolored teams in Guild Wars

You get a bonus to the base score (before all other multipliers) for each troop you use that has the day’s color in it, regardless of how many other colors the troop has, for a maximum of 200 points to base for 4 brown troops on brown day. You “lose” 50 points off your base points for each troop that doesn’t contain brown. This only applies to your attack team - defense team gives no such bonus.

Anyone telling you color doesn’t matter is lying or doesn’t know what they’re talking about. You can still score high using 1 off-color troop, maybe 2, if the team is sufficiently fast & efficient. But color is certainly one of the biggest factors into score.

I think the question was whether 4x Golem scores higher than, say, 4x Gorgotha. Golem is mono-colored brown, while Gorgotha is brown+something else.


That’s how I read it first too but then re-read it & changed my response. If that IS what OP meant then the answer is still secondary & tertiary colors don’t matter as long as they all share the day’s color. 4 golems would score the same base bonus of 200 as 4 Gorgotha. The Gorgotha would likely outscore the golems in the long run because they would collect more mana & take less damage (2 other scoring factors) but both would be abysmally slow and difficult to actually win with.

You are correct in what I’m asking. Also I realize I was not clear on what others have told me. They basically told me purity of color did not matter, only that the troop have that color.

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