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At any rate, it’s not worth arguing about anymore.

I made my case. These types of changes are what is leading to the death of the #31 overall PC/mobile guild and I’m willing to bet there’s other guilds of our ilk that feel the pinch as well.

It’s time to start looking for another guild so I won’t miss out on the latest and greatest.


I think we all understand your stance (albeit to various degrees) but what you’re arguing against is one of the things that cannot be changed. Those who play more, get more. It seems you are completely fine with this as long as the extra things these players get are trash-tier. If you consider them even remotely good then you have an issue with it. (just observations not attacking) So what do you want them to do?

At the end of the day more time spent in-game is good for the game itself and the business side of things. When I had a disagreement about forcing us to play every day that’s when I drew the line, but in the end we can’t stop it. Also really why would you? As I said people enjoy playing this game in ungodly hours, myself included, so the Devs have to develop around that. What’s good for us is also good for them.

Of course none of this goes without saying they aren’t denying or forcing choice here. The choice is on us as players. If you want more copies of the troop, perform. If you don’t care, then don’t. Yeah it’s true those who perform best will earn copies faster, but I don’t really see an issue with that. That’s pretty much why we spend money on this game as well, to get ahead faster.


My guild is currently at #48 without hard goals and currently not even with a full host. Yes, we lost members before because they felt they should move to a better guild. Treemo, if i’m not mistaken, moved to your guild even a long time ago, last week we lost two more members that certainly decided to try their luck on another guild and i can’t blame them at all.

Honestly, i believe you’ll find a good guild soon. What’s been making you so unhappy in general is how you devoted yourself to a guild that doesn’t seems to be the right place for you… Simply because you want to claw your way to some better place and the others don’t/can’t follow you with the same speed/engagement.

I believe your current guild will be grateful for everything you did, for as long as you did, and that they should be happy for you even on your departure IF they were really your friends to some extent.


i wasn’t so excited about guild wars before, but there are new cards? count me in! always a fan of legendaries disguised as commons :stuck_out_tongue: easy to get, everybody got one without heavy grinding. thank you!


#Um, Vin Diesel doesn’t hang with just any guild

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My situation is similar, in that my guild is ranked #24, and we also complete everything each week. However, we haven’t lost ANY players to better guilds in months. So maybe the problem isn’t so much finding a better guild, as making your guild better and building camaraderie and loyalty?

As the actual facts show, there are lots of “top players” that aren’t in top guilds. Based on your comment that “the PVP matchmaking system is based on the PLAYER, not the guild”, wouldn’t that mean you’re facing the top players regardless of guild?

[quote=“htismaqe, post:53, topic:21203, full:true”]The ONLY way for me to continue to compete with them is to kick my guild to the curb and move to a more powerful guild.

One of the stated goals of Guild Wars was to encourage guild loyalty. This new unique troop mechanic won’t accomplish that, plain and simple.

Both of these statements are simply opinions, to which you are entitled. My opinion is that I am currently very competitive with the top players, that my limitations are not limited by what is available but by the amount of effort/time I’m willing to put into the game, and that my competitiveness will not be adversely affected by staying with my current team. I also feel that GW does encourage guild loyalty, and while the very top of the game may be cutt-throat, the majority of it (including guilds at the level of yours and mine) will experience positive benefits. But again that’s just my unsubstantiated guess, and the game has room for both negative and positive outlooks :wink:


I think all @htismaqe is asking for is a guild. All this time he’s had his hand out looking, and nobody offered. Shame on you people. Somebody please get this man an guild invite.

He’s just looking for a home that competes.


Totally realize it can’t be changed. Just voicing my opinion before it disappears into oblivion, which it will once Guild Wars comes out.

I just think it’s a shame that a new game mode that was supposed to encourage guild-building is likely to ultimately be the thing that splinters my guild and finally forces me to move on.



I have offers, it’s not that. I’m just by nature a loyal person. I owe a lot to my guild for how they treated me BEFORE I was an end-game player.

Leaving is something that my core principles just fight against. It’s a personal thing.


Liked your post for simply voicing your opinion. Nobody can deny you that.

“Shout, shout, let it all out
These are the things I can do without
Come on, I’m talking to you, come on.”


I think part of the issue is your guild has been subject to a lot of player migration (which could be for any number of reasons outside your guild’s control) and that can be devestating for morale and kind of put the guild in a bit of a catch-22 position. I completely sympathize as with the right bit of bad luck, it could happen to any guild and can be almost impossible to pull out of.

At the end of the day, however, it seems obvious to maybe everyone but you, that you are miserable being stuck in the situation you’ve found yourself in, most likely through no fault of your own, and that you are torturing yourself a bit by trying to hold on to something that may very well be outside your ability to fix. Like the captain of a sinking ship that is doomed through no fault of its captain, you have a choice of whether to abandon ship or go down with it. No one can judge you for whatever choice you make but if you don’t make a choice soon, one will be made for you.


lol actually I have offered. :slight_smile:


Oh well I completely understand why he didn’t go to Hoguns. :wink::laughing:

Low-blow but I saw an opening.

Well I’ve done my job of derailing this thread a bit, back to pvp. Peace & Prosperity.


Haha! I left myself wide open with that one. :stuck_out_tongue:


But that’s the thing, as much as it may sound wrong/sad you can’t make changes without losing something. Some guilds will split, with members moving out for higher or lower competitive guilds until everyone finds their rightfull place…

It’s like breaking uneven chains in order to make new ones, but this time using the same quality/metal rings on each diferent kinds of chains and achieve uniformity. I can understand if it doesn’t makes thing easier for you, but i hope yours “soon to be ex-guildmates” will still support your decision.


Please tell me I’m not the only one hoping that one of these weekly previews will slyly reveal a console interface to confirm that we’ve fully reached release parity.


I do agree with you, but the problem is that this has literally nothing to do with the amount of personal time spent. It has to do with the amount of time 29 other players spend. It’s not hard to get your personal battles in every week for this guild event if you have the drive to do it… it is hard to force 29 others to do it, too. That’s where you have the top tier guilds who all have that same hard drive that will dominate, and it will make the mid tier guilds (of which I am in) that have a half and half mixture lackluster (we are ranked 50, approx.). We usually finish all 6 statues, but sometimes only get 5. The amount of stuff I receive I am perfectly content with.

But this new guild wars might change that. And that makes me upset because I like my guild and have been in it for quite a long time, and I don’t want to just leave it because it’s the best way to get these new cards. The whole purpose of this game is to collect.

I think it’s a horrible idea to lock this behind a timed weekly event. If you miss a week it’s very punishing. The more cards you add the longer it takes to ascend, the more punishing it is to miss a week. People do not have the patience to wait years to ascend a common, just waiting for the event to come around again. And then factor in how much extra time it could take for less than top tier guilds…

Granted we don’t know any solid numbers yet. So I’m holding off on the pitchforks and just stressing my general concerns on what could happen if it isn’t addressed.

And again, let me reiterate, being in a top tier guild is less about how much you can do and more about what 29 others do. You can have the same amount of time spent, but be in mid tier guild and get a fraction of the reward. I’m all for play more get more, but that’s not how this game actually works. It’s not all about personal investment, it’s about getting into the best guild with people who do around the same as you.

Forget about loyalty.


That’s the unfortunate realization I’m struggling with as well.



That’s a well-written post, and I completely agree with all of it.

But what you(not you in the personal sense) fail to see sometimes, is at the end it’s still about choice. If you make the choice to stay in a guild that is not as active as you, that’s a personal choice, but it doesn’t mean you should be rewarded as much as a “hardcore” guild. Now we can set that aside just based on time spent, but I agree this isn’t necessarily the “guild-building” event that some may be looking for. This is clearly just about competition. So I have faith that they could add some more “guild-building,” friendlier events later on.

We’ve had a lot of ideas floated around the forums already on how they could achieve that. That shouldn’t be about competition with other guilds, but rather bringing your guild together in separate activities.

It’s just I think this is the wrong event to try and put all that “baggage” on. Hopefully after this they can move forward on some of those ideas.

Of course just my opinion. Great post though.