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Guild wars should be easier

guild wars should be easier…

they are… in the lower brackets?


They’re not too bad on xbox, main problem is Queen mab :skull_and_crossbones:

If you find a team that works, regardless of mana colour - use it!!!
Then take the time to set up teams that use colour of the day, I’m low level on mobile but over 1,100 on PS4, my mobile team was green seer / giant spider / forest guardian / sekhma with none of them having more than 1 trait. Once you get a loop going it was virtually impossible to beat (although some battles took a while)
So find what works for you first & the rest will come :+1:


Guild Wars aren’t difficult nor are they easy. Guild Wars is direct competition between guilds, some guilds are better than others. Guilds that do well get promoted, and guilds that don’t get demoted. That’s all there is to it.
I don’t understand what you expect to achieve with this thread.


Guild Wars frustrations are a symptom, not the cause.

The problem is that you can have all the strategy in the world…and the AI will still get chained cascades and skulls and/or self-loop until you die.

That’s not a strategy battle. That’s losing a coin flip.

This happened to me today on the paragon battle. I was using a true damage team and had the entire AI team to the point where one more cast would have won, and my true damage troops were half full or better on mana, and nearly full life. The AI destroyed my entire team in ONE turn. There was no challenge, no chance to recover…and this is happening more and more, especially in regular pvp. It’s not fun at all.


Many players from my guild manages to get 5-0 fairly often with fully daily colored teams still, and I am in the top bracket. I like to play it more safe and therefor uses often 3 daily colored teams, I rarely lose. Guild Wars should by all means not be easier in the top bracket.

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I have the chain cascade queen on my side today. It was so incredible (unbelievable), if the opponent had that I’m sure I’d have cried. The opponent had some luck too but not my scale.

Gw is what keeps me playing the game. I love it. Best part about gow for an end gamer.

Everyone has there good weeks and bad weeks. RNG baby!!


I agree with this. Guild Wars exacerbate/reveal problems b/c the stakes are higher.

Now, out of all the possible GIFs out there, was this the most annoying one you could possibly find? :stuck_out_tongue:

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oh dear, stop him, please…

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I agree with the OP, I’d like to see everyone be able to go 5/0 every day.

Imagine the fun, no more losses, they are so bad for self esteem.

But wait …

5 games takes so long, maybe if we could also have a button on the gws screen to “Collect wins” that would be nice too, I know we may not get the same sense of fulfilment but who has the time these days for such egocentric distractions, I need my wins.

It seems I have contradicted myself now, time for me to vanish in a puff of logic.

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i agree cascades are made wrong

but thats a problem in all game modes, not a gw specifically
gw just shows it more

@spod there is nothing wrong with your logic, you should have just asked for the gw rewards without actually doing any gw? :sweat_smile: just to be clear, it was a followup irony/joke