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Guild Wars Reward Troops from Shop

Sorcerer class event, I’m getting Myzmers. Should that be a thing…?


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I think it’s intended due to the fact events like this or raids/invasions etc can drop guild wars troops since they are in the kingdom/troop type. I got some Ogyrn when it was Orcs for invasions so yeah, I think so.

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Shhhhhhhhhhhh… :point_up::grimacing:

I would agree with @Lissandra: last week, both my wife and I did receive some Aurai as part of the Invasion Troops (Fey, indeed).
And as Myzmer is Common, well, I guess it drops at a higher rate than, say, Aborath?
If I recall properly, we even had some Guardians in the drop pool for the Elementals’ Invasion.