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Guild Wars Reward Problems in a few short sentences

My guild started doing guild wars right near the beginning.
We have finished 1st or 2nd in our bracket every week.
We have risen 600 places in the rankings.
We get the same rewards every week.
The same rewards people get for signing up and doing nothing.


They don’t care. I’m not saying that to be mean or a troll.

Look at how unfair pvp awards are and no attempt has been made to modify it. Finish top three or get next to nothing.

They don’t care.

(A haiku that doesn’t follow the rules of haikus)



i wish i could disagree with you @Pantenkind :disappointed_relieved:


i thought they make ranked pvp rewards not too good to discourage botters? at least that was what people tell like a year ago?

i thought he meant top gw not top pvp XD

Any old haiku
Is a good haiku. For reals.
Guild Wars rewards suck.


Your haiku? Funny.
Guild Wars rewards being bad?
Definitely Not!


Guild wars rewards are great, for the minority,
But for the most of community there is no quantity.
It is a pity.

I have been saying the same thing since our group broke off from our guild and started over a month ago. It is my firm opinion that any guild that signs up and has a 0 score at the end of the week should be disqualified fromearning a reward. Not only because they didnt actually earn a reward but also to discourage them from regisering in the fture if they dont intend to participate. Additionally, i think it would be good to add a small bonus for the winners in the lower brackets, since, as it stands we all get the same reward regardless of placement. A little 2 gem bonus or something like that would bring more competition to the lower tier guild wars

Sadly, my bringing this up in tickets and forums has gone nowhere, devs dont care, and wont until a lot more people say something. I know it frusrates a lot of people because i hear it in global chat all the time.

I am in bracket 1 and the rewards are fine at that level.

I agree in non-competetive brackets the winner should get 50 percent more. By non-competitve I mean guilds where going up or down a bracket has no true impact on your likelihood of winning.

The real issue is in the top 4 to 5 brackets the standard of play varies by bracket. If you offered bonuses for winning you might get perverse behaviour where guilds tank to drop down brackets so they can win and get the bonus.

Possibly the devs can put in a finish first bonus for all guilds outside the top 5 or 10 brackets. Then top brackets where standard of play varies have no incentive to lose, however winning will get them moving up brackets and so higher guaranteed rewards. Lower down brackets then also get the incentive to play hard.