Guild wars Match maker

In all honesty, the match maker in guild wars that lines you up with who you face is utter CRAP! When three to four times a guild wars a guild faces opponents that not only vastly out number them, but have individual teams that are anywhere from double to triple your score, something needs to be seriously reviewed and redone. It’s to the point where guild wars alone makes me want to almost stop playing the bloody game which I actually enjoyed at one point. But after getting literally curb stomped for multiple days in multiple guild wars weeks in a row, what is the bloody point? It’s demoralizing, unfair, and demotivating.

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The guild wars opponents you face are based on your guilds guild wars bracket and like any guild there can be a range of players with any scores that partake on behalf of the guild they are in. I’m not sure if you think the players in the opposing guild with high scores should be excluded because they have a high player score or if you are saying you should be not allowed to partake because your player score is low.
I really understand how you feel but if the teams you are facing in your bracket are too hard for you and your guild then you move down a bracket and they keep moving up brackets and people settle where they are supposed to be.
The top 27 scores of each guild are counted only and if their guild has more points than your guild they win and your guild loses that is essentially the point of guild wars. If your guild wins enough in your bracket then your guild moves up to the next bracket. How else do you think you should be being matched?
I don’t think the point is to demoralize you and I am not trying to be mean at all here just explaining the mechanics. It is guild wide pvp and one side has to deserve to win and if your bracket is too hard for your guild you guys will simply keep moving down until you reach a bracket where you fight opponents more similar in skill and team scores while they will keep moving up until they face opponents they can no longer face. It is reasonable to expect your guild has to get better, acquire more mythics and increase their stats through guild statues, kingdom levels, kingdom power levels and delves to get higher team scores to face harder opponents if they want to keep moving up brackets. You can’t expect to reach high brackets by facing opponents from lower brackets you have to be facing players in guilds in the current bracket you are in. I hope you find your motivation to keep getting stronger so you no longer find it a struggle.