Guild Wars, Guild Events, and Medals

I want 3x Nysha Medals for my Guild Wars defense team. When I do the Guild Event Sealing the Gates, I want to use the Medal of Rage event specific medal/badges though.

Do you see the problem with this devs?

If I’m spending any amount of time on the event using the event medals, and someone from opposing guild chooses that time to fight my guild wars defense team, that team will be using these useless Medal of Rages.

Do you see the problem with this devs?


Seems like a purposeful exploit by the devs. If they could see farther than their noses, it wouldn’t have been set up like this day one.

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It is the 12th century. You are a soldier in the crusade, having fought a 2 hour battle. You forgot to empty your bladder before the battle, and you need to go… right now.
No, I don’t think the enemy is going to stop while you find a spot to relieve yourself.

It’s part of the game, consider it an extra random element - find the correct random moment when your GW opponent is taking care of world event battles, and strike then.

In other news, 94.7% percent of players don’t see a problem with this.
Related: 92.9% of forum regulars, who have self-elected to represent 99.6% of players, will agree that this is an issue.

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This doesn’t seem particularly enjoyable to me.

Your point about playerbase percentages, while I’m assuming are approximated, is probably reasonable, but on the whole it feels like your main problem is the antagonistic tone/nature of this piece of feedback, and that you’re more playing devil’s advocate (and attempting to dismiss others’ arguments! :anguished:) than portraying your own opinions (which is how they seem presented, to me) – and I don’t personally find that helpful if this is going to be a discussion piece.

One could argue that an antagonistic feedback post isn’t either, but that doesn’t negate the first part :sweat_smile: – and given the history of dev-forum interactions, the more times something is brought up by a greater variety of people (ideally in a friendly way), the more likely it is to be responded to.


There are two things extremely ironic and amusing on this topic.

Nope. They might as well be blind. Unless they want to come prove me wrong!?

Nothing good came out of medals being implemented. I use the word “implemented” loosely here.


How exactly did you come by this number, scientifically? Because I’m in an alliance of 5 guilds and virtually all of them see this as a problem.
I get the feeling that many people in high level guilds see this as a problem as well.


It may not be 94% see it as a problem, but rather 94% don’t have an issue. I’m in an alliance of 9 guilds and almost no one has ever brought this up as an issue. Of course the OP is in one of our alliance guilds so I guess that counts as 1 out of 260ish for a count of around 99% lol. I think what cyber is getting at is this isn’t a big deal and I agree. We can agree it’s a problem, but to what degree is something we don’t and most non GW lovers don’t either.

I’m in a bracket 3 guild and don’t lose sleep over how my medals are affecting my defense at the particular time I play world event or any other non GW mode. My opponents are having to do the same.


So have you self-elected to represent the entirety of the other 7.1% of forum regulars that have self-elected to represent 99.6% of players, or do you just fall within that 7.1%?

I’m just trying make sure we all know which percentage of players your statement of dismissal for this issue represents, so it can be given the proper weight.

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