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Guild Wars frustrations

I personally don’t like doing Guild Wars. Forming teams with the matching color is challenging but while I can form decent teams, others crash and burn horribly. However, the biggest issue I see is the utter BS the game pulls.

Take today, I found out they haven’t fixed the Ubastet bug where if he gets a kill, he kills any and all summons in that troop slot. He killed Aziris and then Dragon Soul died which spawned in the Baby Dragon who also got killed.

Then Queen Mab swept my team with 3 free turns… without 13 blues. So unless there is a bug and it is actually purple she needs for the free turn and not blue, then the game flat out broke its own rules.

Edit: Also, this war gives me a guild troop I already own… if only it was Peryton…

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I have definitely observed the Ubastet triple kill, and others have reported higher number kills.

I can personally confirm that Queen Mab only bases her extra turn off of the amount of Blue gems on the board, as I main-ed her for several months. So, something must’ve have either messed up in the game, or you may have missed a blue gem or two and thought there were less than there really were.

Either way, it sucks that things like that are ruining your GW experience. Personally, I prefer the GW weeks over the other two weeks, but it helps that I have a very experienced guild that has helped me to establish the teams I have for Guild Wars.

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I checked her and the gem totals before the casts were 10, 14, 8. Only the second cast was valid but the other 2 casts weren’t. It is so frustrating when that happens and that’s not even talking about the fact, with bad luck, Ubastet can instant kill tons of bandit spawns because the mechanic should not be allowed to kill more than the two it hits.


AI pulls a lot of stuff during guild wars, I’m always tense when the turn passes… I scan the board carefully, and yet somehow they get cascades. I’m glad guild wars is every third week, I don’t ever again want to do guild wars more often than that…


To me GW is the best part of the game, but now we have tedious, repetitive, annoying 2nd jobs instead of GW most of the time.

GW has its shortcomings but hey, at least it’s not raid


Give me gw over b.s. raid and invasion. I absolutely hate raid and invasion. I am close to quitting because the game is only really fun 1 week a month now. I keep holding out hope that they will scrap both and come up with something better.

Even if I took GW seriously, I’d like it more than raids and invasions. I’d rather get pooped on by the AI 7 days a week than pay to play/participate.

I like GW way better than raid or invasion. One reason is 5 battles a day and your done, raid is soo boring and takes forever the first day, especially if you buy several tiers. You can wait and play all the last day if you want, but it will take a long time using up all the sigils

Invasion is slightly better than raid, and class events are the least worth playing

I’d take Raid/Invasion over GW any day, but that is just me.

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I can hear/see it now: The get rid of GW Topic.

Maybe someone should create a poll on it… :laughing: