Guild Wars - FAQ


The highest upwards you can move is 2 brackets at a time. This is so guilds who are already at the top don’t have to worry about new, good people starting new, good guilds that can rise quickly and challenge them. It encourages people who want to be highly-ranked to try to get into already-existing guilds rather than help out lower-level guilds that are fighting hard.


The devs stated on Twitch that they plan to look at that issue after the 3.6 update. So, we should all cross our fingers that it happens.


I really hope something is done to change the two bracket moves. As someone in a guild with the million point difference its very frustrating to creep up the ladder. I’m not saying we should move up to the top 10 in heartbeat. That’s just silly. But it would be nice to move up to where I don’t feel like I’m picking on the team we’re playing by stomping them by 100’s if not 1000’s of points per round. It has to horrible to see for them as well.


@Ozball I’m looking for news of recent changes to GW brackets, is this the appropriate place to look? Kafka said in global that it is now possible to move up more than 1 bracket each GW. Is this true? :pray::raised_hands::hugs:



Thank you @Maxx !!!


As usual when these posts come up, just to reiterate, this thread was made when I was still a player and doesn’t reflect dev backed information etc. Take it all with a grain of salt.

But yeah, Kafka’s post that Maxx linked above is a good review of the current situation.