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Guild Wars (delayed) & New Event System (incoming)

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to update you all on the status of Guild Wars and the upcoming 2.2 update
First, a TL;DR version:

  • We’re going to move Guild Wars back to the 2.3 version.
  • We’re going to add something else into 2.2 instead which I think you’ll all enjoy.

Read on for more info below:

1. Why are we pushing Guild Wars back?
We’re not happy with the design of it yet. We’ve been through a few iterations, and nothing has felt quite right… we’d rather take some extra time and deliver something of a much higher quality (and stability!!).
As many of you know, our Tech Lead, Andrew, has been out on vacation for 3-4 weeks, and we’re also a little concerned that - even if we did try to push guild wars through before the end of the year - that we might not have time to get the server backend tested properly.

2. What are we getting instead?
We’re going to release our new Event System.
This is something we’ve been working on for a while, I think it’s pretty cool, and 2.2 is actually a good time to release it, because (amongst other things) I think it will help keep gameplay fresh for everyone.

3. What is this Event System you speak of? Details, please!
We’ll have some more details forthcoming over the next 2-3 weeks, leading up to our preview. But, in short, the Event System does a few things:

  • It runs themed events, designed to mix up the meta a little bit
  • It contains incentives to try both new troops & fun themed teams
  • It can run events where you get to unlock different prizes every week by doing different things in game (NOT just PvP battles)… if we’re noticing people are short of red traitstones for example, we can run an event ALL about getting a bunch of traitstones!

4. May I Have a Pony?
Yes, you may, but we’re fresh out of ponies here, so you’ll need to source your own.


Wanted to be the first post on guild wars info. That didn’t happen. I guess my luck for this weak went to getting horseman.
Guess my hype train crashed before even leaving the station.

Other then that I assume this will be nice gameplay refreshment. But guild wars is guild wars.

Fixed that for you.

Mixing up the meta sounds awesome. We definitely need it. In your face, Manticores.


Thats not even remotely funny or appropriate. Please remove

Edit: in reference to the Forgetti pic

You’re not out of ponies! I’m right here!


Sounds great! Take your time to get Guild Wars right, and deploy it to PC and console at the same time :smiley:

just what the doctor ordered!


No ponies?! Quit horsing around!


Looking forward to the event system. :slight_smile:

If us forum members knew what wasn’t working in guild wars, maybe we could offer suggestions to improve it.


What kind of prizes, can one of them me a horse? Say a mythic horse that comes with a skeleton rider?[quote=“PowerPlay, post:6, topic:15449, full:true”]
You’re not out of ponies! I’m right here!

Things i would like to play with.

Yay I’m excited about this! I’d much rather have an event system than a guild wars.

This will be fun and hopefully breathe new life into GoW

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Not sure if I missed it, but will this be hitting consoles around the same time?



I cannot explain how happy I am to see an event system. Although calling it an event system kinda clashes with the weekly kingdom event, unless it is an extension of that.

do you want to be given away to the community’s pony takers by devs then?

@Sirrian @Nimhain Will the event system have rewards aimed at all player levels or will it be more tailored for early game?


We’ll have more information on rewards in the future, but we’d like the new system to be fun and rewarding for everyone.


Even people with mullets…? :smirk:


Thanks. That’s good to hear.

No the new system excludes people with mullets. It favours people with the same hairstyle as @sirrian.