Guild Wars Change Suggestions

Please come up with a Championship for TREASURE HUNT of some kind or a ladder keeping score.


I’d suggest changing the experience boost you get for winning a daily match into a gold boost. I find myself avoiding pvp and playing the game when my low-level alt account’s guild wins a GW day. The experience boost makes me level up faster without giving me resources/cards faster, which I view as a negative. On my main account, which is level 1000+, the experience boost literally means nothing to me.

A 25% or 50% gold boost would mean a lot more to both my low-lvl and my end-game accounts then an xp boost (which one could debate is more of a punishment to low level players than a reward). Gold boost = people would play the game more to get that extra gold. Lower-bracket guilds (where weekly rewards are crap) would be motivated to coordinate / win their daily matches since more gold would lead to more tasks. A gold boost is a decent reward that would go a long way in making GW more rewarding for lower-bracket / low-level guilds … and hell, mid-game and end-gamers would love it too.

If not, at least give those of us who don’t want the xp boost a way to opt out of it. Right now the only way for my low-level account to opt out of it is by not pvp’ing for the day and hoping my guild doesn’t win the day’s GW … which feels kind of shitty. I don’t want to be hoping my guildies lose.


(1) award points for a successful defense, boosted by how uncommon your defense team troops are within the bracket. A defense win with a Peasant should count for more than a win with 3x Famine!

(2) offer all 30 battle tickets on day 1, but keep the current system where only battles that start in a particular 24-hour period count toward daily GW victories

(3) as has been said elsewhere, make sentinel bonuses trickle up on defense but down on offense. There are several players in my guild who don’t really participate because it’s impossible to compete against teams with full kingdom bonuses when you are still working on finishing yours.

(4) disagree with the idea that GW victories should award a gold bonus instead of XP. That further incentivizes playing the day of, instead of relaxing the mode to allow for finishing GW battles as time permits any given week.

(5) add a “+1 to all” button on sentinels

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Personal rewards for placement within guild.

Separate defense log

Defend points


All 30 battles on day one. :slight_smile:

Edit. And participation trophies for all :stuck_out_tongue:

Wars every other week so no burnout.

Ppl can either fight the day of the war only or points are not tallied until the end of the week. If someone does not fight on the day of the war then they get 0 points regardless.

To make it more of a challenge for bonus points defense teams should be on color too so theirs an offense and defense color for each day also event troops should not be buffed in guild wars battles… so no event troops can be selected for guild wars… only buff comes from sentinels … also break up brackets by statue levels don’t have a guild with only 100 guardian statue levels take on a guild maxed at 200 guardian statue levels… for those who are not maxed at 200 should also end of the week gain guardian statue levels rather than relying on basic tasks… that’s all my suggestions for now actually on color statue defenses for those who are not maxed should gain guardian statue levels, those who are maxed gain gems I guess… that’s all my suggestions for now and thank you for giving us all a break

No more 50% buffs. With 50% buff and maxed out sentinels Wulfgarok was starting with 70 attack this week. This would help GW and normal PvP.


I think sentinals should help every one as lower levels struggle a lot so i think 25 percnt buff for people below and 15 percent for people above.
As a total for all 5 levels. So each level would be.05 for lower and .03 for higher

I have a couple suggestions that might work! One would be to take average points and have an opt in button! If you are going on vacation and don’t play guild wars you do not deserve the reward so you would not opt in! The 2nd suggestion would be to make it every other week so if you need to recruit you have more than a minute!

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And def team also shoul be restricted to colors

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An opt-out button for guild members. Clash of Clans implemented that sometimes after their guild war release.

I’m guild master of casual guild which are a bunch of friends actually. While our top 10-15 players are very active and enjoy the guild war rest of our guild is people which are level 70 ish and they hate guild wars and they don’t even complete their wars because It’s too hard for them and losing their matches discourages them. We try to cheer them that even 1 point is a contribution but I cannot blame them for not wanting to fight against 3 traited teams with their level 10 teams. Big guilds can divide into two guilds as casual/competitive but we are in real life friends of 29 people and we just want to help our friends with low levels with guild tasks etc. so leaving the guild or dividing is not an option for us.

Feature should basically allow an individual to opt-out from the war with a button, so he won’t be in the guild war line up. While the rest of the guild can enjoy the guild war. Also guild master should be able to see opt-in/opt-out status of all members and have the last say in this and forcefully opt-in a player who selected opt-out option.

This might also help people who may want to take a break from the guild war as well.


50% buffs are indeed to much. I wouldn’t take them out totally, but maybe lower it to 15/30 percent buffs instead.

And I know this one is against your vision: but no duplicate cards in defense teams :slight_smile:

Also: If you are going to do something with defense teams, then please make them separate teams from your normal team list. For example: Have special separate color defense teams (Like Red Defense, Blue Defense) you can set. Because even with the added slots, it’s not enough slots (unless you add some GW unrelated options to the troops page, like the favorite tag for troops for example).

I don’t mind playing every week, but 6 days is a bit much. I would prefer 4 or 5 days.

Only the results of the top 25 or 27 members should count, as there is still quite a lot of player shuffling going on (due to people leaving/taking breaks). This would not hurt a guild if a few members are on holiday.

You should be able to level all sentinels up one rank at once, or maybe a few ranks at once.
Having to do them all one by one is quite cumbersome.

To me, the problem with Guild Wars is that it changes a do what/whatever you want relaxed kinda game, into a hardcore must play every day for an hour very intensely kinda game. Aka, the total opposite.
And where I was playing for fun before, I now play because I have to, and then log and don’t come back until I have to again.

So less days, and probable once every other week would be welcome additions.


I have a few thoughts:

  • love the idea of sentinel bonus trickling DOWN on offense and UP on defense! Brilliant!

  • the daily req is something I have gone back and forth on, and I honestly think the devs have found a sweet spot already on this. The guilds that communicate, coordinate and put in the daily time deserve a daily reward. By removing the daily req you take a lot of the teeth out of the war.

  • I have shared this opinion before but all members participate but the scores should reflect the highest 27 each day. Devs have already set the precedent with Guild Seals, 27 members can unlock 40k chest.

  • I love the idea of each war DEFENSE being assigned a color as well being given bonus points per colored troop. And I think that they should be random each week just like on the attack. That way it might Blue vs Red one week and the Blue vs Green the next.

  • I too agree that weekly event bonuses don’t need to apply. A 50% boost on top of Sentinals gets ridiculous. This should be like Arena. My troops vs your troops with bonuses coming solely from GW Sentinels.

  • Finally, if you choose to make GW bi weekly or god forbid monthly, then you will have to seriously adjust GW troop distribution. As nobody outside of brackets 1 and 2 would be able to Ascend them in any reasonable time frame. And even bracket 2 would be struggling to keep pace.

Thanks for taking the time to consider our suggestions and for caring enough to make this good content into great content!!



If it was meant to be a day as in 24 hours, then why are points still added after the 24 hour period? I think they are ‘day battles’ as in battles that favor a particular troop mana color as in ‘red day’, blue day’. You could add up and distribute all the ‘day’ rewards at the end, or make the rewards more related to mana color like a good number of rare color stones.

  1. PRIZES the weekly rewards are too low and not balanced properly. The top 3 teams get all the gems while the rest get almost nothing. why struggle for 100-200 gems?! Same for the 50 daily seals if the team wins, nobody cares!
  2. TEAMS facing the same 2-3 teams every day with the most irritating luck-based troops on a rigged board, not fun at all
  3. POINT SYSTEM score based on the number of surviving troops forces players to play with 1-2 summoners, which also makes for very long games sometimes
  4. LOSSES whether losing the 1st or 5th game, a player automatically loses the points for the last battle, which counts for so much it’s too punishing

I’d prefer if you could do all battles for the week on any day and not necessarily on Sunday, then there could be an experience boost or similar the next week depending on how you did.


I agree, and for point 4, why not make it that we can choose to fight the 5th troop even if we were beaten by an earlier one? … It woudl be our own gamble

the most important for me:

  1. the most important: weekends (optionally) guild wars free! (allow ppl to do the fights earlier if they want to, even if at cost of daily wins)
  • allow a guild with few members less then 30 (or ful but few members not playing gw) to not suffer in the gw progress, i wouldnt mind if it was only 2-3 ppl less

  • stop resetting my gw defense teams! and especially dont reset it into a pvp defense team. if you must reset it, make it a separate, selectable team slot. but i would prefer my color teams stick with its selected color teams intact. while at it, allow to test gw defense teams without having to change pvp defense team

  • show separate battle log for gw attacks and defenses, not mixing it with ranked pvp

other suggestions:

  • scale sentinel bonuses the way it is for defening in gw ( paragon gets most bonuses), but scale them the other way around for gw attacking (lowest gw rank gets the most bonuses and paragon the smallest)

  • think of a way to allow guilds to level their statues faster, for now i heard leveling them from start to lv100 takes years! thats not cool.

edit, other findings i like a lot:

for this one i think hybrid would be great: 1/2 of the reward pool currently offered should be re-shuffled into rewarding guilds according to their within-bracket score, while the other 1/2 of rewards pool scaled according to globqal gw raking like it currently is - so the 1st guild would still get maximum rewards like it currently is, but it would shuffle a bit down the ranks within each bracket (i hope i explained myself clearly enough :sweat_smile:)

the things i DON’T WANT to see in gw:

  • any form of auto-play or auto-complete (autoplay would eventually detatch myself from personal commitment and therefore it would cause me leaving the game inevitably)
  • no breaks from gw for entire week or longer, i do want breaks within each week (for few days, and just for individual to allow timing when one wants do to their battles) but the gw should go on each week in general
  • I know some may dislike this. However, I’ll suggest it anyways. GW defense teams should be required to be that days color. And if they are not, inclusion into that color defense team should be prevented.

  • GW defense teams should be limited to only 1 unique character per team.

  • Subject to a sort of Diminishing Returns for both sides (player and AI) the more a team cycles within a round. Examples only the actual values and times of course can be adjusted. 1st cycle in a round = 100% effect (gem matching and gem bonus, attack power, magic, character skill). 2nd cycle in a round = 90% effect, 3rd cycle in a round 80% effect and etc.

  • Right now GW feels like a requirement. And for top guilds that isn’t much of an issue. Though it starts to become one with the lower guilds. GW should be optional and not contain a leaderboard (ie a overall point system or bracket) to which guild has done the absolute best overall. It should contain matches against other guilds and a reward at the end of the day for the victorious guild (using only points within that day to calculate a winner). Keeping it simple and completely optional for any guild to do. Without feeling there is a penalty if they do not do it. That penalty feeling I am sure is starting to affect lower guilds.

  • As other have stated and even suggested that a bit back in my own thread for suggestions. To giving a complete all for statues in GW. So you do not have to wait for each and every single update.

  • I also agree with GW battles not counting like they do for Ranked PvP. And should have their own log.

  • Keep the requirement that you succeed or fail as a guild together. All 30 should be expected to fight if they sign up. Though make GW sign up as stated before not about brackets, or overall points, and you must sign up for each day, not the entire week. And also as a guild leader if a player is unable to play that day. Allowing the guild leader to select a auto complete (meaning AI vs AI) but reduce the daily point total for its win by 50%. And make GW for human participants end 1 hr early. And only allowing AI completion for the last 1 hr for those who need it. Or even simply disposing of a guild leader needing to click auto complete. And having the system auto complete on its own for guild members who have remaining GW battles. Still with 50% less daily points earned. This way all battles for ALL members is completed regardless, either by the player themselves or by the AI at 50% less points.

  • Make it to where if you lose. You do not face the same opponent again.


I do not want to feel I am downgrading others suggestions but not sure how to be honest without hitting on that in part. Simply many of the proposed changes I see seem more about what you get out than what you put in. IE more gold, xp or just more of a reward. I already thought the current rewards for GW were far more than generous. This does not need to be increased. So please do not change that part of GW. Because the nature of that lines up with. Whatever you give the community will never be enough. So if you do far more generous than you do already for rewards. It won’t be long after that until they request even higher, than higher, and higher rewards.

And lastly please do not over simplify GW or make it so easy that you basically hand people a win. Its silliness to consider it. And since you have in the past poked fun at WoW in-game with certain comments. You already know WoW tries to give free epics, even instant max levels. And if you notice that community is never satisfied with what they were given. Eventually everyone will be given max level characters with the best epics ever, and all the mounts for free that they could ever want. At some point as a developer you have to set a line. And say enough is enough. Or the game is less of a game over a social appeasement to earn money. I understand you need money as all games do. Though the day you sell out like the major games out there have in time. Will be the very last day I play GoW.